Feel Better About Yourself

Feel Better About Yourself
Feel Better About Yourself

Feel Better About Yourself

1. Stop Dwelling on Negative Thoughts

Overcome negative thoughts about yourself and your situation by replacing them with thoughts that make you feel better, for example, those that celebrate the things you are good at. You can achieve this by creating a list of things you excel at.

This way, you can refer to this list any time you start feeling low and improve your moods and self-esteem. If you have difficulty with negative thoughts visit Claritychi.com for help.

2. Take Good Care of Yourself

Eating a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical exercise stimulates the release of endorphins (the body’s natural opiates), which make you feel great and enhance your mood.

Also, exercising is known to reduce stress levels and make you feel better about yourself. You can consider going for a jog around the block or even having a cheesy dance in your bedroom.

3. Relax

Stress has been shown to exacerbate low self-esteem. Stress makes you focus more on negative thoughts, diminishes your confidence and often makes you feel too tired to engage in physical exercise or social activities, all of which are important for your wellbeing.

It is highly advisable that you set aside some time to do something that you find relaxing. This will help to keep your mind off stress-inducing thoughts and make you feel better overall. This can include activities like taking a bath, singing, dancing, and so on – whichever works for you.

4. Set Attainable Goals

You probably have myriad things on your mind that you have to complete. However, it is okay to accept that you can’t always complete them all at once.

Instead of putting yourself under unnecessary pressure, take the time to arrange your work and set realistic goals for each day, then track your progress by noting down your accomplishments.

This can be anything from tidying up your home to dealing with a work project.

Doing so will help make things much easier and you will feel a great sense of accomplishment every time you tick off items from your list for that day. In case you feel bogged down by the list, you make a shorter list for the next day – the point is always to get something done.

5. Help Someone Out

Helping someone who is struggling with something at work or having a difficult time in school resolve their problem can give you a significant boost in confidence. This can be a colleague, classmate, friend, or family member – offering them some advice or just being there to listen to their problem can be meaningful to the both of you.

Help others out without expecting anything in return and you will be surprised by how much your confidence will be boosted.

6. Take a Different Perpective

Whenever you are faced with difficult situations, approach them from different angles. Rather than asking ‘why should I bother?’ view it from the angle of ‘I won’t know unless I try’.

By analysing situations through a more realistic lens, you quickly realize that you actually achieve what you want. All it takes is to have a little bit more positivity.

After repeatedly doing this every time you have a negative thought, eventually you will have this kind of positive thinking on default. Sometimes thinking and doing things differently when dealing with difficult situations can have a huge influence on our self-esteem.

7. Try Out New Things

The human brain is great at learning new things and the more new things you learn, the better you get at learning new things, which ultimately helps you to discover more things that you can be passionate about.

We all need a creative outlet – be it art, cooking, music, sewing, or web design – you just need to get on Youtube and find some tutorials. All the information you need to get started and better yourself is freely available on there.

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