How to Find And Hire Unity Developments Team?

How to Find And Hire Unity Developments Team?
How to Find And Hire Unity Developments Team?

What is unity and who is a unity developer?

Creating games is not only interesting, but also quite profitable. Many experienced developers become owners of game studios that create world-famous games.

And most of these specialists in the distant past were gamers. And then the hobby of playing games turned into a passion for creating them.

In Russia, the profession of a game developer on Unity, the leading game engine, is in high demand. From this article, you will learn about the intricacies of working as a developer, the necessary skills and personal qualities for this direction.

We will consider the situation on the market, the gradation of specialists, we will offer some of the best, in our opinion, free and paid courses that will help you gain the knowledge necessary for a developer.

Who is a Unity Developer

Recently, the gaming industry in terms of development and popularity has significantly pulled ahead in relation to the rest.

Games are created on different engines, but Unity is the most popular among them. Unity hub is actively used by more than one and a half million people. With the help of the engine, you can create 2d, 3d games for smartphones, computers and various consoles.

Unity developers are engaged in the creation, testing, refinement, support of games. Also updates and modifies them. After the release of the game, he tests them, checks how compatible it is with new hardware or OS, works out user complaints, and fixes bugs.

C# programming language

Game development on Unity cannot be imagined without the productive C# programming language. Thanks to him, game projects can be developed for various operating systems, where they will work without interruption. You need to fully learn the Unity C# programming language.

But for a novice developer, knowledge about constructions, objects, types, exception handling and OOP is enough.

For professionals who want to develop in the field of network games, you need to be able to work with the ASP MVC framework, which simplifies interaction with the database. As a result, unity developments for hire need to know all these frameworks and languages.

Each developer must understand algorithms and data structures. They are the same for all programming languages ​​and operating systems.

Unity3D editor

Most of the work in unity 5 and other versions of the game engine is done by developers with the editor. They should know all its functionality, tools and libraries. Professionals must be familiar with:

  • unity asset, basic manipulations with objects;
  • artificial intelligence;
  • graphic pipelines;
  • vectors, projections of game objects;
  • user game interface;
  • physics modules 2d, 3d;
  • lighting and post-processing;
  • particle and animation systems.

Teamwork Tools

The game is almost impossible to make alone, so companies put together a development team that works on the product. And each of its members must be able to use the tools of teamwork. The main ones that unity supports are Perforce, Plastic SCM, Git.

Developers should know the functions of bug trackers, task management systems. If you want to hire unity developers, you must to check if they are have such tools.

From a game development specialist, it is important not only to know the engine, but to understand the responsibilities of his colleagues with whom he works together on the game.

Most often, the team consists of game designers, artists. Large game companies are more clearly delineating the responsibilities of each specialist.

Tasks and responsibilities of a Unity developer

Specialist job responsibilities include:

  • develop an idea, a game plot;
  • participate at all levels of project creation;
  • test the product;
  • correct deficiencies if necessary;
  • track updates;
  • support released projects;
  • develop tools for animation and modeling.

What should a Unity developer be able to do?

The specialist must have the following knowledge:

  • Be proficient in the C# language, which is the main language for a developer.
  • Master the intricacies of design. It is important that the developer can design the menu or interface to please the players. The design should make the game easier to understand. This also includes knowledge of sound design, which sets the atmosphere and mood of the game.
  • Work with plugins for creating games. One tool will show the number of frames per second, the second will help debug Unity for mobile platforms, the third can replace dozens of free libraries.
  • Work with frameworks.
  • Design and configure network security.
  • Creation of behavioral and game scenarios.

Benefits of hire unity game developments

The main advantage of hire unity game developments is the reduction of staff costs. The manager pays for the work performed, not the time spent at the workplace. He does not assume the obligation to pay for vacation, maternity leave and other mandatory social benefits.

This is especially convenient if the help of a specific specialist is required at certain periods of time, for example, when equipment breaks down or at the end of a quarter.

Other benefits of hire unity developments include:

  • No need to manage business processes – the manager gives the task and gets the desired result, the intermediate stages remain outside his management, which frees up additional time for other types of work.
  • Receiving highly qualified assistance – usually developers are professionals with extensive experience, so they do not require additional training to carry out the work.
  • Improving results in core activities – due to the fact that the company can shift part of the tasks to an outsourcing agency, it can transfer more effort to the implementation of the main corporate tasks.
  • No need to change legal status – since part of the work is done by people who are not actually on the staff of the organization, it will not have to change status. This will save on taxes if you hire unity developments.
  • Savings on the HR department – when selecting specialists for unity development, a separate agency is engaged in screening them, and there is no need for management to organize a separate personnel department.
  • Reducing disagreements with staff – usually teams work remotely, except when it is necessary to carry out activities in the office and submit a report. Due to this, there are no frequent contacts with superiors, respectively, conflict situations (which are difficult to avoid in business) do not happen. Everyone has the opportunity to quietly engage in the main activity.

Why do companies decide to hire unity game developments?

The reasons are different. Someone wants to give part of the IT tasks to an already well-coordinated team with proven experience in this particular area.

Someone needs to speed up the development process and bring the product to market closer. Or maybe you have always had a business far from online, and the situation in the world is pushing you into digital and you want to trust professionals in this matter, and not build an entire department from scratch. Unity developments for hire can help a lot. You are just saving your time and money.

How to find and hire unity game developments

To begin with, let’s say that 85% of its game development market participants are not qualified enough and offer low-quality service. This disappointing alignment is a consequence of the low entry threshold for outsourcing for performers.

Criteria for choosing and hire unity game developments:

  • the age of the company and its reputation. Of course, work experience and positive reviews are not a 100% guarantee of quality service. But it is better to prefer an outsourcer who has been on the market for a long time and has evidence of successful cooperation with clients;
  • range of services.
  • must meet the needs of the customer. If the outsourcer does not offer what the company needs, then it is pointless to contact him;
  • Game outsourcing is a vast field of activity, consisting of a variety of services: office equipment maintenance, IP telephony setup, organization of it moving, server equipment rental and more. The wider the range of capabilities of an IT contractor, the greater the benefit for the customer. After all, it is convenient when you can contact one contractor for any IT issue;
  • Its indicator is a list of guarantees and obligations. Separately, we can mention SLA ( service quality agreement ) – a mandatory attribute of unity outsourcing. If the outsourcer does not work under this contract, then such a contractor is definitely a bad choice;
  • personnel qualification. This is one of the most opaque nuances. After all, in principle, there are no ways to determine competence in advance. But indirectly, conclusions about qualifications can be drawn from communication with the customer, the quality of the drafting of the contract, other documents, the same range of services, work experience, etc.;
  • service cost. Avoid low price tags. Good service is not cheap. If they promise an excessively low cost, then in the end it will turn out to be higher than the declared one. Or the result of cooperation will not satisfy the customer.

So should you hire unity developments for your project?

You are not alone in your doubts about hiring unity developments for project.

This service has its pros and cons, but don’t let your negative experiences and unjustified fears get in the way of your digital transformation, software improvement, or just the growth of your entire business. Outsourcing can help, you just need to find “your” company.

Think, analyze, read reviews, check ratings, see who your potential contractor is already working with, how they position themselves in the media. Be more attentive to documents and do not be afraid to talk about things that alarm you.

Locking in your worries is the way to lock your business into stagnation. And if you once unsuccessfully went to the dentist, this does not mean that you need to forget about the health of your teeth forever

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