How To Find IP Address Of A Computer, Router Or Camera?

An IP address is a unique number that identifies the network interface of any device in a computer network that uses the IP protocol. Usually you don’t need to know her, but sometimes it’s useful.

How to Find the IP Address of a Computer, Router or Camera?
How to Find IP Address of a Computer, Router or Camera?

How to Find IP Address of a Computer, Router or Camera?

Mostly, IPv4 addresses that are between and are used. However, only some ranges are commonly used, for home networking mostly classes A, B, and C.

Class A: to
Class B: to
Class C: to

What IP address does your computer have?

Here are two possible answers. Your network card has an IP address and your computer has another from the Internet, which is actually the IP address of your router or modem, and other computers in the network can hide behind it. For example, you can find the local IP address by typing ipconfig in the command line.

Another option is to look at the network properties. Right-click the connection icon, select Open Network and Internet Settings View network properties. As with the previous method, you will see your IP4v as well as your IPv6 address.

The only way to write the mask is different, here as / 24, which corresponds to the mask used for the C-type address range.

What IP address does your router have?

By the same procedure as for finding the IP address for the computer, Router, or the nearest gateway is here called Default Gateway.

What IP address does your computer have on the Internet?

For web services, it will be more useful to find out the IP address of your computer from the Internet. It may vary depending on your connection and may be public or unlisted. It is ideal to have the same, but some providers have to pay for it.

The easiest way to find an IP address is through a service, often just typing something like “my ip” into Google and one of the first links will certainly work.

What IP address does another device on the network have?

What IP address does an IP camera have? This is sometimes difficult to find out, as it usually will not show you. The IP address is assigned by the router, and if you are using a typical Class C range and your router has an IP address of with a mask of, then all devices including that camera will have an IP address somewhere between and

The utility software may show the IP address, but the easiest way is to look at the router’s administration for all the connected devices.

Another option is to use an application to scan IP addresses. For example, Advanced IP Scanner, which scans the entire local network and lists all connected devices.

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