How to Find Out What Is My Social Security Number (NUSS)?

To work, study and have a health card, the Social Security number is a vitally important element. Still don’t know which one is yours?

How to Find Out What My Social Security Number (NUSS) is
How to Find Out What My Social Security Number (NUSS) is

How to Find Out What Is My Social Security Number (NUSS)

From Hogarmania, we show you the five easiest methods toknow, see and obtain your Social Security number.

Despite its great importance in daily life, the Social Security affiliation number is largely unknown to a large part of citizens. Proof of this is that we do not know how to easily identify it in our payroll, work-life certificate or digital electronic certificate.

Knowing or requesting it is very simple, you just have to follow the steps that we detail below.

What is the Social Security number?

According to the portal of the General Treasury of Social Security, the Social Security number (NUSS)identifies the citizen in their relations with the TSGG.

This number is mandatory to work, study, obtain free medical attention, obtain pensions, subsidies or any type of benefit provided by the Government (Central and regional).

It is important to highlight thatthe NUSS coincides with the Affiliation Number (NAF), which is shown on a worker’s payroll (in any of the regimes: general, regional, Sea, etc.).

How do I find out what my Social Security number is? five methods

There are several methods to find out your Social Security number. The easiest thing to do is request it at the Social Security Electronic Office with adigital certificate or by calling 901 502 050, Social Security number, where they will ask for your full name and ID number.

There are also other methods to identify which NUSS corresponds to you:

1. On your payroll or employment contract

If you are working, you cancheck your Social Security number on the payroll you receive every month, whether printed or electronic. You can also check this number in your employment contract, it is mandatory to include it.

2. Requesting a work history report

You can alsofind out what your Social Security number is by requesting a work history report. This report can be requested by phone (by calling the General Treasury of your community), by Internet via SMS or with your digital certificate.

If you have an electronic ID, you can access the Social Security portal with the PIN or secret code that contains the electronic ID 4.0

3. On a medical prescription or health card

Indeed, you can alsocheck the affiliation number in a prescription or medical report, since it is an identification number of a person who is included in the National Health System and is entitled to receive health benefits.

On the other hand, this number can also be identified on the health card: it consists of 8 digits, the first 2 indicate your province and the last two are control digits.

At this point, it is important to note that the health card number may not coincide with the Social Security affiliation number. This varies depending on the autonomous community where you reside, some cards have numbers, others do not (such as expired cards, although they work the same) or that you have recently started working and the number that appears is not the same as the affiliation number. This is clearly identified when the letter B appears on the card (indication of the beneficiary).

4. Calling Social Security

The easiest way to find out what your Social Security number is is to call the number901 106 570and/or915 412 530, telephone numbers provided by the General Treasury to deal withmatters of Affiliation, Registration, Collection, Deferrals, NETWORK, SLD, among other General Information services in the General Treasury.

5. Consulting online

Another effective method to obtain the Social Security number, the easiest if you have an electronic certificate, is by accessing the Import@ss portal or from the points enabled by theElectronic Office and the Social Security application for mobile devices.

Once inside the portal, click on thePersonal Data section. In this tab, you can see and download the document that indicates your Social Security number.

You can identify yourself in Import@ss with an SMS, with Cl@ve or digital certificate, the latter can be obtained by following this guide:How to obtain the digital certificate quickly and easily.

How to request the Social Security number?

If you do not have a Social Security Numberand you are going to work for someone else, the company has the obligation to carry out the application process for this number, especially if you are a foreigner.

If you need this number for other types of procedures, you can request the assignment atImport@ssor at an authorized Social Security office in your city.

On the other hand, if you do not have a digital ID or cannot attend an appointment in person, you can also obtain the Social Security Number (NUSS) online through a special link provided by the Electronic Office.

With this method, they will ask for your DNI, NIE or passport, an email address, a device with a camera and the duly completed TA.1 model (Affiliation Application/Social Security Number).

Frequent questions

Social Security number on the health card?

The Spanish health system uses the Social Security affiliation number to issue the health card. In some autonomous communities, this number may vary or may not appear on the card.

Social Security Number for School Insurance?

All students under 28 years of age must have a Social Security number to issue the health card and register the right to receive health benefits in each of the autonomous communities, as indicated by the Electronic Office.

What are the 12 digits of Social Security?

The NUSS or Social Security number is made up of 12 digits, which identify a citizen in their relations with the TGSS. It is personal and non-transferable.

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