Finding the Best VPN for New Zealand

New Zealand is quite a free country with minimal censorship. Why would you need a VPN? Well, we can think of a few reasons we’d like to share with you.

Finding the Best VPN for New Zealand
Finding the Best VPN for New Zealand

Finding the Best VPN for New Zealand

Here’s the quick version of why you’d need a VPN in New Zealand:

  • Access local sports while abroad.
  • Gain access to broader Netflix libraries.
  • Secure lower-priced plane tickets.
  • Be more secure while browsing.

Reasons To Use a VPN

#1—Sports Access

New Zealand is well-known for a few things and its rugby team is one of them. Rugby games in New Zealand typically have 30,000–50,000 in-person spectators and there’s no shortage of viewers when it’s on TV. In 2011, New Zealand’s most-watched TV event ever was an All Blacks vs. Tongas rugby match, for example.

A kiwi traveling may wish to watch a rugby game on their own TV channels—they’re what you’re used to. Plus, the game may not be on the channels in your designated country.

VPNs can unblock any geo-locked live NZ TV feeds. It’ll feel like you never left home. Plus, you can utilize this to access all other homegrown content, including your “Currently Watching” list on Netflix which can disappear when you travel. Speaking of Netflix …

#2—Access More Content

Let’s say you finish that show, but while abroad you saw a show you’d love to watch. Disaster! It’s not on NZ Netflix.

That’s no problem. With a VPN you can unblock other countries’ Netflix libraries. You can also unblock streaming services such as:

  • Hulu.
  • Amazon Prime Video.
  • HBO Max.
  • Disney+.
  • Location-restricted YouTube videos.

Basically, with a VPN, you can watch anything, from anywhere, any time. This is especially fantastic for New Zealand media-lovers, as New Zealand only has the #10 best Netflix library in the world. There are almost 1,000 other shows and movies that you can’t access!

#3 Lower Travel Prices

Airlines are evil geniuses. They can raise prices depending on how many times you visit the site. Some raise prices depending on where you are when you’re doing your research. Some hotels and travel agents even do this, too.

For best results when searching travel tickets and accommodation, clear your browser history and cookies, and open incognito mode. Check your prices for your selected dates.

If the prices are too high, clear your data and change your VPN location. The price changes might surprise you.

Sometimes the prices raise, but other times you’ll end up saving a measly $1. If you’re incredibly lucky you might save a few hundred.

Our Test

When Google thought we were in New Zealand we checked flight prices to Spain, for no real reason. The top flights on Google were just over $2,000 and one was almost $3,000.

Connecting to Mexico via VPN, the prices were in a similar range but were lower by around $1. Next, we made Google think we were in the Czech Republic and had savings of $1.01 on the top flight result.

Of the four countries we tested, the most significant price differences came from Malaysia. Malaysia saved us $3 on the top fight result on Google—but when we went on Skyscanner’s New Zealand site, the results were significant. The first flight to Madrid was $754 NZD from Malaysia. Switching back to New Zealand the same flight was $1,441 NZD.

Some of these changes are minimal, but they prove that a VPN can help. Shop around different sites, try out a few locations and you may save yourself a whopping $687!

#4 General Protection

Finally, the last but most important and generic reason to get a VPN is security. If you’re out in public, a hacker can grab your data from public WiFi with no issues. If you have a VPN encrypting your data, your IP and your online identity, then you’re safe.

If you often use public WiFi then a VPN is a solid investment.

What To Look for in a VPN for New Zealand?

You don’t need to look for too much on a VPN in New Zealand. You want a VPN that:

  • Unblocks New Zealand websites, TV channels and streaming services, regardless of your real location.
  • Works with streaming services in general.
  • Has top-notch security settings.

Consider checking out—there are VPN reviews on the site that can help you find a VPN that hits the points above.

The Bottom Line

There are tons of generic reasons to invest in a VPN, and some home-based—like sports and your Netflix library.

Whatever your reason is, a VPN is an excellent tool for any internet user. Be sure you pick the right one for your location and intended purpose.

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