8 Strongest Fishman Characters in One Piece Anime

Fishaman and Mermaid are one of the races in the world of One Piece, even though most of the Human Race are racist towards them. Especially the Tenryuubito and the World Government who consider Fishmans as slaves.

Even so in terms of physical strength Fishman is superior to ordinary humans. Well this time we want to discuss about the strongest Fishman character in One Piece.

8 Strongest Fishman Characters in One Piece Anime
8 Strongest Fishman Characters in One Piece Anime

As usual, before getting into the discussion, we would like to inform you that this article draws on information from existing sources. Still curious? Alright, let’s start the discussion.

Here Are The Strongest Fishman Characters In One Piece

1. Jack

The first character is Jack, he is one of the Commanders or All Stars of the Yonko Kaido. As a Yonko Commander, there is no doubt that he has dangerous powers.

Well, according to the information we got, Jack is a pure-blooded Fishman, not a mix. But after eating the Devil Fruit, Jack lost his swimming ability, even so he can still breathe underwater.

2. Jinbe

One Piece’s next strongest fishman is Jinbe, this character is a member of the Straw Hats. However, he used to be the Captain of the Sun Pirates.

Well before joining Luffy, he used to be part of Whitebeard, then became a Shichibukai and was also part of Big Mom. From an experience point of view, Jinbe was definitely strong and wise.

3. Fisher Tiger

One Piece’s next strongest fishman is Fisher Tiger, this character is one of the extraordinary characters of the Fishman Race. The reason is because he once freed slaves.

Maybe if you compete with the current Jinbe, Fisher Tiger will lose. Even so he is an extraordinary figure and he is the one who formed the Sun Group to free the slaves and attack the World Government.

Then there is Kawamatsu, well if the previous character was a great and strong Pirate. So Kawamatsu is a Samurai who is strong and loyal to Oden.

It’s not really clear how Kawamatsu got to Wano, but at first he was bullied because of his different appearance. But Oden also helped him and in short Kawamatsu became a loyal follower of Oden.

5. Arlong

The next strongest fishman is Arlong, this character is a close friend and friend of Jinbe’s fate. When Fisher Tiger was still alive, Arlong and Jinbe were one of the strongest fighters.

However, after Fisher Tiger’s death, Arlong became more and more close to Humans. But strangely, this once strong figure could lose to Luffy. Well in our opinion, at that time Arlong underestimated Luffy too much and got hit by the stone.

6. Dellinger

The next strongest fishman is Dellinger, this character has an appearance like a normal human in general and has a feminine appearance. But do you know, actually Dellinger is a mixed fishman and a man.

For the Straw Hats, Dellinger’s strength is not as big as the others. But considering that he is part of Doflamingo’s group, it is certain that Dellinger’s figure is quite dangerous for ordinary people.

7. Namur

Then there is Namur, this character is a Fishman who becomes the Commander of the Yonko Whitebeard. Even though it has appeared during the Marineford War, the power of Namur is still mysterious.

But in our opinion, this Namur is strong enough to become a Yonko Commander but still weaker than Jinbe.

8. Hody Jones

Finally, Hody Jones, this character is the main antagonist in theFishman Island Arc. Well, in terms of strength, it is certain that Hody is much weaker than Jinbe and Arlong.

Even Zoro had hurt Hody very badly, but the reason why he was included in this list, is because when Hody eatsSteroids hisstrength increases. But still, Jinbe or Arlong is still superior in our opinion.

That’s the discussion about the strongest Fishman character in One Piece. So, after reading this article, which character do you think is the strongest and you like?

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