How to Fix a Problem with Missing Security Settings

Maintaining security on our facilities is essential. It is essential to keep them current and fix any vulnerabilities. However, sometimes problems can occur that cause a malfunction.

In this article, we’ll talk about what to do when we get a message thatsecurity settings are missingor have changed. This could happen after performing some update on the Windowsoperating system and opening the Troubleshooter.

Fix a Problem with Missing Security Settings
Fix a Problem with Missing Security Settings

How to Fix a Problem with Missing Security Settings

Windows 10is the most widely used desktop operating system today. This means that when we encounter this type of failure, it can affect many users.

This time we are talking about a failure that may occur after performing a system update. We run the Troubleshooter and receive a message that the security settings are missing or have changed.

The company’scauses of this problem can be various. We mentioned that this can happen after a system upgrade, but it can also be for other reasons. This could be a problem with the Windows Installer, damaged Windows files, disk space, and so on.

As often happens when we encounter this type of problem in Windows, we can take a wide variety of measures. We will list some possible solutions to avoid the message indicating that the security settings are missing.

Restart the module installer

We have seen that one of the causes of this problem may be the module installation service. Therefore, one of the solutions we suggest is torestart this service. In this way, we can solve certain problems that can occur in a simple and fast way.

To do this, right-click on the Windows taskbar and go to the Task Manager. We need to enter the Services tab later. There we have to look in the Windows Installer or TrusedInstaller list. When we have it, we have to right-click and click Stop and then Run.

Reregister the module installation service

If the previous step does not take effect, we canre-register theinstallation of theservice module.

To do this, go to Start, open CMD and then we have to execute two commands. Keep in mind that we have commands for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

The commands we need to execute are as follows. The first is used to remove the registration and later to re-register it:

% windir% system32msiexec.exe / unregister

% windir% system32msiexec.exe / regserver

% windir% syswow64msiexec.exe / unregister

% windir% syswow64msiexec.exe / regserver

Repair damaged files in Windows

The third solution isto repair possible corrupted filesin Windows. We already know that this could lead to various failures that could damage the proper functioning. We can take this into account when solving certain problems.

To do this, we must go to Start again, reopen the command prompt and run DISM.exe / Online / Cleanup-image / Restorehealth.

It automatically starts a process that can take several minutes.

Update the system

The last solution is to simplykeep the system up to date. These types of errors may occur after an update that was not completed successfully. This could lead to some errors triggering messages, such as the one we mentioned, that the security settings will not be displayed.

We must always confirm that we have the latest versions. Only in this way can we deal with possible vulnerabilities that hackers could exploit to carry out their attacks. It will also help us have the latest performance improvements to keep the system running at its best.

In short, these are the steps we can take if we have a problem with the security settings in Windows not appearing. This can happen to some users after certain errors that occur in the system, as we have already mentioned.

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