How to Fix ‘Custom binary blocked by FAP or FRP lock’ Error

Custom binary blocked by FRP lock is an error that appears on Samsung phones. The models of this brand have a security system implemented for most of their mobile devices.

This feature is known as FRP Lock, whose main objective is to avoid factory resetting the terminal without the owner’s permission.

Fix 'Custom binary blocked by FAP or FRP lock' Error
Fix ‘Custom binary blocked by FAP or FRP lock’ Error

However, most people do not know how this protection measure works, therefore, here you will learn how to solve the error “Custom binary blocked by FRP lock”, in Spanish called “Custom binary blocked by fap or FRP lock”.

What does Custom Binary Blocked by FRP or FAP Lock mean?

When resetting or restoring the terminal to leave it as factory, the errorCustom Binary Blocked by FRP LockorCustom Binary Blocked by FAP Lock may appear, when turning on the phone again.

This error appears due tomodifications made to theSamsungROM(that is, the operating system) in the past, without first disabling the OEM bootloader protection.

The FAP or FRP system is a system that counts the number of times the operating system has been modified, reached a number, crashes, and this problem appears.

This locking system is also activated when you try to root the phone or do a custom recovery installation.

Users report that the models that most present these problems are the Samsung Galaxy J1, J1 Ace, J5, J7, S6, S7, Note 5 and Galaxy Prime.

However, this solutionis applicable to any Samsung model. Pay close attention to how to fixCustom Binary Blocked by FRP Lockerror in 2022.

PC-free solution for Custom Binary Blocked by FRP or FAP Lock

Many users wonder if it is possible to solve this problemwithout having to connect the mobile to a computer or PC. The answer is probably.

This is due to the fact that the error appears due to a blockage within the operating system, therefore the most effective solution is to install it again through an official firmware.

Still, we will show you 2 possible solutionsfor this problem that you can try without a PC. It is important that you go testing them in order, from the easiest to the most complicated, for which the use of the PC is required.

PC solution: Install the operating system again

Next we will guide you through the steps to reinstall the operating system of your Samsung phone and thus solve theFRP Lock error. Remember that doing so is likely to delete all the data on your device, so you must first make a backup.

This procedure is only for users with more advanced knowledge, we do not recommend that you do it if you are not sure about the procedure. In any case, we will try to explain in the simplest way possible so that any user can do so at their own risk.

How to avoid the Custom binary blocked by FRP lock error

Better than solving problems is avoiding them. So, if you want to avoid getting custom binary blocked by FRP lock on your Samsung Galaxy J7 or any other model, you must activate the option to unlock the OEM. This setting is found in all Samsung operating systems, starting with Android Marshmallow.

  1. To do this, you have to enter the developer menu through phone settings, inAnear the device
  2. Once there, press the build number 7 times in a row
  3. Go back to the main menu, where you will find the developer options. In this step you will be able to press the OEM unlocking and thus you will avoid the security method Custombinary blocked by FRP lockin Android

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