How To Fix WiFi Settings Do Not Appear In Windows 10

Fix WiFi Settings Do Not Appear: Most users today use wireless networks when surfing the Internet. If we looked back only a few years ago, it was normal to connect to a computer with a cable connected to a router.

How to Fix WiFi Settings Do Not Appear in Windows 10
How to Fix WiFi Settings Do Not Appear in Windows 10

Gradually, new mobile devices have emerged that allow us to connect wirelessly, and with the improvement of routers, Wi-Fi connectivity has been very common.

Now sometimes these types of connections cause problems. Today we will talk about how to resolve whenWi-Fi Configurationdoes not appear in Windows 10.

Rise in Wi-Fi connection

As we mentioned every day, we connect to the Internet more via aWi-Fi network. Therefore, it is necessary to have a connection with minimum quality and stability as well as good speed. However, the truth is that wireless networks are more volatile, usually offer lower speeds and cause other problems.

Sometimes these errors may be in the hardware and in the physical capacity of the device. It may also be that these failures are caused by software problems. Sometimes it depends on the operating system we use, possible updates, etc.

However, it is normal for users to solve these problems. Today, we’ll look at the problem of not showingWi-Fi settings in Windows 10. As a result, we will not be able to connect wirelessly from our device.

How to Fix WiFi Settings Do Not Appear in window 10

This is a problem that occurs with some users. Suddenly, Windows 10 does not display Wi-Fi configurations. There is no button to go to configuration and ultimately connect to the network. In general, we can solve this problem easily by following a few simple steps that we will mention.

Update system and network drivers

The first thing we recommend is to keep thesystem updatedcorrectly and also to have the latest versions of network drivers. Sometimes problems can occur if we have updated Windows and this version is not compatible with the version we have from the network drivers, or vice versa.

It could also happen that we left half an update and that causes problems. We recommend that you first verify that we have the latest versions of boththe network card driverand the operating system installed.

Once we update all the best, it is a system restart. This will check to see if the issues have been resolved by restarting.

Run the troubleshooter

Sometimes you just need to startWindows Troubleshooter. It can be very useful to resolve some issues that may affect our devices. To do this, go to Start, Settings, Network and Internet, Status, and Network Troubleshooter.

Make sure the network card is connected properly

Do we have a Wi-Fi network card installed correctly? This is another point that we must bear in mind. Sometimes the problem is simply because it is not properly connected. This can happen especially if it is an external card that we can disconnect.

Therefore, we must also take into account that the network card is correctly inserted and ready to work.

Keep your system free of malware

This is something general. Any type of malware can interfere with your system and affect it in many different ways. We must always take into account the importance of security tools. In this way, we can prevent threats that threaten our systems. A good antivirus is important.

In short, these are some of the steps we can take if the Wi-Fi configuration does not appear in Windows 10.

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