Foxit Vs. Adobe: Which PDF Editor Is Better?

Whether you’re a student, small business owner, or manager of a large firm, the need to read and edit PDF documents never fades.

Foxit Vs. Adobe: Which PDF Editor Is Better?
Foxit Vs. Adobe: Which PDF Editor Is Better?

Foxit Vs. Adobe: Which PDF Editor Is Better?

There will always be a PDF to edit, merge, or convert to other formats. Also, you might need to sign some assignments or documents.

Summarily, PDF editors are essential productivity tools. Unfortunately, the free PDF editors have limited features. Plus, they don’t really edit your PDFs.

In essence, you’re left with Foxit and Adobe!

But which of the two is better? Is Foxit better than Acrobat? Which one should you use? Which one of Foxit PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat is worth its subscription?

Adobe Acrobat Pro: Features And Benefits

Adobe Acrobat is the first choice in everyone’s mind – undoubtedly. And the reason for that is CLEAR:

Adobe (the parent company) has been around forever. They have a product for almost every niche of productivity tools.

In other words, an enviable wealth of experience goes into Adobe Acrobat design. That is why it’s incredibly versatile, robust, easy to use, and attractive.

Fun fact: Adobe set the standards of how PDF documents are and have 22 million subscribers based on statistics.

Furthermore, Adobe Acrobat has an excellent user interface. It is both appealing and functional. The PDF editor can perform a variety of functions. It can merge and create new PDFs.

Also, Acrobat can also convert PDF to doc, excel, PowerPoint, and other formats.

More importantly, Acrobat is compatible with other productivity tools. You can use it with Google Drive (for example) to edit your PDF files.

The only negative is that Acrobat is not entirely easy to navigate for a novice. Also, the subscription can be expensive for individuals.

Foxit PDF Editor: A Better Alternative To Acrobat?

On the other hand, there is Foxit PDF Editor. Considered a lesser value, Foxit is not entirely different from Adobe.

Both brands are reputable in the productivity industry. And, of course, Adobe is the more popular of the two.

But popularity aside, Foxit can match Adobe Acrobat for features. It can create, convert, combine, compare, edit, and annotate PDFs.

Furthermore, you can integrate Foxit with other productivity tools – like Adobe. And where Adobe fails, Foxit excels:

A novice (even a sixth-grader) can use Foxit PDF Editor. It is that easy to use!

Difference Between Foxit PDF Editor and Adobe Acrobat

There are not many differences between the two PDF editors. Outside “subscription and interface,” there is no difference between Foxit and Adobe Acrobat.

Both Adobe and Foxit PDF editors are great options, but Foxit offers you what Adobe has at a cheaper cost. Foxit PDF editor gives you a $79.00 yearly subscription plan.

Adobe, on the other hand, offers $167.56 for a yearly subscription plan.

Lastly, Adobe is somewhat colorful, while Foxit is plain.

Foxit Vs. Adobe: Which Is Better?

Frankly, it is a tough call. To me, one is not better than the other. It is a matter of choice.

Both PDF editors are robust and effective. Nevertheless, I’ll still recommend Foxit because of its affordability and little edge in ease-of-use.

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