Free Android Apps To Download YouTube Videos

You can hardly find a person who has never heard about YouTube if they have access to the Internet. If you want to watch any video, you go there right away. It can boast of a tremendous number of videos and visitors who use the site every day.

Free Android Apps to Download YouTube Videos

You can run into numerous interesting videos there and may want to save it for later when the Internet connection leaves much to be desired.

However, unfortunately, it is impossible to download anything from YouTube to your devices right away, so you should search for some other ways to satisfy your need. Anyway, a decent video is worth your efforts, as much as is worth your attention if you are a student.

Free Android Apps to Download YouTube Videos

We have created a compilation of the most useful apps that will come in handy when you decide to save the stunning clips from YouTube and do it free of charge. Besides, as a bonus, you can convert the chosen clips to the desired formats, for instance, if you want to create a cool playlist.


It is one of the original downloader apps that simplifies the saving process and allows you to do it free of charge. It has a simple interface. When you open it, you can feel like you have used a time machine, so now you use an old-school version of Android. Besides, this application will work fine on your laptop as well.

Everything you should do is to install it on your smartphone and open it, and there will be a YouTube icon on the home page. Open the clip that didn’t leave you indifferent. Below you can choose the desirable downloadable format.


As you can guess, Vidmate is also a free app for Android that you can use to save entertainment content from various sources, including YouTube and social networks, so you can save a pretty penny and use services like this review article when necessary.

You can just kill two birds with one stone since you can enjoy clips from various sources using just one application and easily download them. The chances are high that you will like its incredible design interface.


It is just a stunning app to save YouTube content to Android gadgets. It has already been assessed and highly valued by more than 25 million users all over the globe.

Just make sure to choose the latest release of the app, and you will be provided with a chance to save everything you want from various sources, including popular social networks. It offers a reusable data package download and includes an elegant UI and an embedded web browser.


TubeX offers multiple data package download options as well as multiple clip formats. As soon as you install the application, start it. Click the app icon and type the name of the content you are interested in. Choose the most suitable option among the rest.

When you get 3 download options, click to continue. The only thing you should do is to follow the guide. Everything is pretty easy, so you will hardly get confused. One of the coolest features of the app is that it allows you to see the progress and for how long you will have to wait.

YouTube Downloader for Android

If you hate to run in all these numerous useless ads, then pay attention to this app since it is completely free from advertising. It has been created by Xda developers.

To install it, first it is necessary to check the box next to Unknown sources in Options. You can look for the desired content and download it through the YouTube app or by using the special search.

Well, if you prefer to use the official app, then you should open the clip in the YouTube application itself and click to share. Pick up the desired format and confirm it.


It is a user-friendly application that you will not find in the Google store. However, you can find it on the official website. Peggo allows you to send a link to a clip in the application. So, if it meets your requirements, install it on your gadget.

Click to share under the clip and select Peggo from the list. In the opened tab, you should choose what you want to save: a video or its audio track. Specify the format and desirable quality, then click to download.

Video Downloader Master

If you usually look for all the required apps on Google Play, then this is a win-win option. It works quickly and has an integrated web browser to simplify the whole process.

By the way, you can save several clips at once, or one up to 2 GB. One of its greatest features is that it works in the background. It can save media content from YouTube of all formats to your smartphone.

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