Entertainment On the Web: Top Free Interesting Sites One Can Use To Pass Time

Not everybody is socially active — this is a fact. Many prefer to spend time alone, rather than in a noisy company. It is more pleasant and comfortable for them to watch a movie or favorite TV series alone, read a book, listen to music, or chat with an interesting interlocutor on the internet, one-on-one.

Entertainment On the Web: Top Free Interesting Sites One Can Use To Pass Time

Entertainment On the Web: Top Free Interesting Sites One Can Use To Pass Time

Generally speaking, this is a paradox of modern society. A huge number of tools and communication options are available to us, but we are spending more time alone, not trying to contact other people once again. Is it bad? It depends on which side you choose to look at.

Certainly, it is not so good to break social ties. On the other hand, if a person is more comfortable alone, online communication may replace offline communication perfectly, then, why not try it?

Today, there are a lot of sites and applications that canbrighten up lonelinessand make leisure time truly exciting. We will elaborate further.

Excellent online services in which you will spend time pleasantly and profitably

For convenience, we have divided the sites and applications into several main categories so that you can quickly find what you need. We will list only the most popular destinations since there are many.

Also, note that the resources mentioned below are not 100% free. Some features and access to content require payment separately.

Sites to watch movies

  • Megogo— is an online cinema with over 350 TV channels, thousands of movies, and series. Some contents are available for free, but you will have to pay to access the main library. There are several pricing plans to choose from.
  • WatchFree— is a site for searching and watching movies that “pulls” content from other resources and servers, allowing you to choose which service you will watch content from. This is absolutely free.
  • PopcornFlix— is a website that allows you to watch the streaming video for free, but with integrated ads. The catalog contains thousands of movies and TV shows for every taste.

Sites for listening to music

  • YouTube— is one of the most popular video hosting sites in the world. Also, it offers a YouTube Music section. You can listen to music and watch videos for free, but with restrictions. Premium subscriptions are available with additional benefits.
  • Spotify— is perhaps the most famous music service in the world. Music can also be listened to for free with some restrictions. A premium subscription removes all ads, makes offline mode available, and provides other benefits.
  • Deezer— is a popular alternative to Spotify. The main feature of which is high-quality Hi-Fi audio, but only in the corresponding paid plan. The rest of the services are very similar.

Sites for learning languages

  • Duolingo— is a well-known platform for learning foreign languages, primarily English. A significant part of the functions and tools is available for free. But Duolingo is fully revealed with a paid subscription.
  • The Polyglot Club— is a large language exchange community where you can connect with native speakers and improve your skills. It is completely free and convenient.
  • Lingust— is a site for learning foreign languages. This site has more than twenty languages available. The platform has been operating for more than ten years and helps users to learn languages from scratch, even if a person does not have the minimum knowledge.

Sites for cooking

  • Cookpad— is a popular site for sharing recipes, as well as chatting about cooking and culinary topics. If you love to cook and want to improve your skills, or want to share original recipes, Cookpad is for you.
  • Kitchen Stories— is another web resource with recipes, interesting stories, and even social media elements. For example, recipes you like can be “liked” and they can get to the main page of the site.
  • RecipeBook— is a large online collection of recipes for every taste, budget, and skill level. Everyone can easily find something for themselves and will be able to reveal their culinary potential.

Sites for communication and dating

  • Mamba— is a popular online dating service that has some functionalities for free. A gender filter is available in which you can specify the basic parameters for searching for partners; gender, height, weight, and so on. There is also a search by city for more convenience.
  • CamLike— is a free video chat app with a large user base, excellent support service, and high-quality moderation. Chat rouletteCamLikeis available in all popular languages and will suit many users for communication and dating.
  • Badoo— is one of the most famous online dating services that have free video chat and some other useful features. However, a premium account is required for full use.
  • Bumble— is an interesting dating platform where girls always make the first move. Men can’t write first. Some people see this as an advantage while others see it as a disadvantage. You decide!
  • Tinychat— a free video chat roulette in which you can stream your service and also watch other people’s thematic streams or conduct your own online broadcasts. Basic functionality is available for free, and with some paid subscription, you can promote your broadcast.

Sites for online tours

  • Google Maps— is a cartographic service with street view functionality. It’s ideal for exploring new places ahead of future trips.
  • Google Arts & Culture— is another service from Google that brings together various virtual tours around the world. This is a great opportunity to visit places where you have never been.
  • Tours of museums and galleries— have all kinds of sites and applications that allow you to visit virtual tours of a variety of memorable places and attractions. The choice is huge!

Sites for collaborative video games and more

  • Steam— is one of the largest online game stores in the world. Including those that support a cooperative mode for playing with friends or with random players on the Web. There are also free games, as well as demo versions of paid projects. It’s highly recommended for gamers!
  • Epic Games Store— is a popular alternative to Steam, but with the big advantage of giving away several games for free each month. Also, you will surely come across interesting projects.
  • GOG.com— is another online video game store that has free games available. There are not many of them, but there is always a choice.

To sum up: loneliness is not a verdict at all

We do not deny that there are people whose few hours can become a real test. However, for most people, there is nothing to worry about. Many people are more comfortable being away from the public and they are not ready to let a lot of people into their comfort zone.

All kinds of entertainment online services are a real find for both introverts and extroverts. We are sure that among the afore listed services, you will find something interesting for yourself and make your leisure time on the Web more exciting, richer, and useful!

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