FTP Server Rental | Why Is This Needed?

Application developers often face situations when they need to create backup files, but there is no place to store it. Renting an FTP server will help solve this problem. Having received a login and password, the user of the service will be able to download and upload files to the hosting.

FTP Server Rental | Why Is This Needed?
FTP Server Rental | Why Is This Needed?

FTP Server Rental | Why Is This Needed?

Renting an FTP server in Ukraine is an opportunity to competently organize the work of your resource and create a storage for placing files. Buying your own equipment is not always profitable.

In this case, you will need the help of specialists, high-speed Internet access and regular monitoring of work processes. But you can reduce costs by ordering file storage hosting from DeltaHost, https://deltahost.com/ftp.html.



Renting hosting is much more profitable than purchasing, configuring and subsequently maintaining equipment for your own server.


The hosting has a multi-level protection of information from the actions of hackers. If necessary, the user can set up additional backup.


The client can work with all data formats.

What does backup mean?

A backup is a backup copy of data that is necessary to restore original information, software, and downloaded files. Creating backups allows you to save your changes and reduce the risk of data loss to a minimum.

You can make a backup in manual or automatic mode, using the capabilities of the hosting panel, task scheduler scripts and other software.

By storing backup copies on a separate server, you can recover lost data in the event of a failure of the main drive. FTP hosting for backups is especially important for large companies.

FTP hosting for backups and its features

FTP backup hosting is used for data backup. The method is reliable for backup in case of force majeure situations. The bottom line is that archive copies will be saved daily on the FTP server. If for some reason a file or an entire section on the site is deleted, then you can easily restore the information.

FTP hosting for backups (backup) has the following features:

  • Resource data is stored on one server, and backup copies are stored on another.
  • Information is copied in the background, the process is not visible to you or the portal visitors.
  • Restoration is subject to both the entire site and part of it.

Service features

Renting a server via FTP protocol is practically no different from reserving space on a regular hosting. The client gets access to increased disk space to host their files.

This service is often used by site owners, because this protocol allows you to quickly load web pages. Access to information is received either by a certain group of users, or by the client himself.

Service Benefits

Clients in 90% of cases decide to rent FTP because of the high data transfer rate. It guarantees the smooth operation of sites and other applications that copy information to a remote storage. If necessary, the user can delete unnecessary data.

Features of working with FTP

FTP is a fairly old and simple file transfer protocol. FTP clients are used to transfer files to or from the server to the local computer. The most popular – FileZilla has a widely used interface.

FTP access is implemented using login and password. Previously, the client specifies the server address, and then connects to the rented hosting. Testing the FTP storage is free.

Create an external secure backup storage for your company data!

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