Futurism in Your Interior Design

Futurism in the interior is not only a way to arrange a small space station at home, but also a practical approach to the use of space and materials.

Futurism emerged at the beginning of the 20th century as an artistic movement and, at first, had little in common with today’s interiors resembling spaceships. The founders of the style called for the destruction of old cultural norms and a focus on technological progress.

Futurism in Your Interior Design
Futurism in Your Interior Design

Futurism in Your Interior Design

By the 60s of the last century, faith in technology had reached its peak. It was then that the first design projects of futuristic interiors appeared. Space exploration has since inspired designers to move some of the “orbital” elements into the earthly homes.

This way, the concept of such a functional apartment with streamlined shapes appeared, where everything needed to be at hand while also having an unusual aie. In the future, this style was overgrown with new features until technology and architecture became a single whole.

A futuristic design may seem unrealistic to many in the interior of apartments. It is a successful attempt to overcome established traditions and to choose new aesthetic forms and shapes.

Futurism as a style involves the use of exceptional objects to solve everyday problems and needs. For example, a chair so necessary for many does not have to be exactly on four legs.

The same goes for all other pieces of furniture. Futurism in the interior is largely based on ideas from fantastic works of art. That is why it can even resemble the stylized equipment of an interstellar ship.

Nowadays, there are a lot of accomplishable ideas for a futuristic interior, thanks to the development of the latest technologies.

Futuristic interiors tend to have one dominant color – white or steel shades. The design can be bright if you decorate it with the help of steel furniture and white walls with colorful paintings or choose furniture with bright inserts.

Curved, unusual shapes, light and multifunctional furniture – this is what should be present in the design of a futuristic style.

Moreover, the design of windows, doors and openings can be associated with unusual, geometric shapes. Asymmetric corners and complex multi-level ceilings are also welcome in the interior.

You can fully incorporate futurism in the interior even if you have an ordinary, standard apartment. The main thing is to choose the right design for the walls, window openings and furniture.

Style elements

Futurism does not impose very strict requirements on color. The interior can be decorated in basic colors (white, beige, gray, black, silver), with a couple of bright details, or with the help of some contrast of several bright, saturated shades.

Streamlined furniture is often combined into fancy blocks, while many items can be assembled and disassembled according to the needs of the owners. The familiar convertible chairs and wall-folding beds will perfectly complement the futuristic interior.

Lighting sources are usually built into furniture or hidden behind a stretch ceiling, but manufacturers also offer a variety of chandeliers that will suit space-like interiors.

Household appliances are another indispensable attribute of this style. Usually, owners not only do not try to hide it in niches, but, on the contrary, make them the center of the composition.

Materials and fillers

In addition to the striking external features of the style, futurism in the interior has a specific inside out. Furniture manufacturers are increasingly creating pieces of furniture made of the materials of the future, which are more sustainable than traditional raw materials.

This way, conventional upholstery materials are replaced with waterbane, silicone and rubber steel and lighter carbon fiber. However, futurism in the interior can also be embodied at the expense of ordinary raw materials, which can be bought at any hardware store.

In this case, plastic, metal and glass will come in handy. For the manufacture of panels and partitions, polyurethane and fiberglass are suitable, and instead of conventional lamps, you can use a powerful LED strip.

The tablecloths are ideal to use for design,banquet tableclothsand home decor.

Futurism and new technologies

Design in the style of futurism implies extensive use of the latest technologies – neon lamps and LEDs allow you to achieve zoning of space and its expansion.

Metallic or black often serve as auxiliary shades in room lighting, which allows one to emphasize the space interior if necessary. The latest control technologies allow to instantly change the color scheme of rooms to the exact opposite.

The futuristic design also provides for the use of high-tech multimedia equipment, spotlights, lanterns, “smart home” ideas, lights in niches, shelves, wardrobes, and separate areas of rooms.

If the room for which the futuristic style is chosen has a sufficient height, you definitely need to focus on the design of the stairs. Specialists advise to work for the achievement of weightlessness, the effect of “floating in space” for the stairs.

Furthermore, the modern technologies of fastening both staircases and individual steps will help in this, allowing you to maintain a futuristic interior and add some special staircase lighting.

Moreover, each thing in the house should perform a specific function, there should not be too many unnecessary elements that deprive the home of air and freedom. Futurism means perfect materials and flawlessly executed wall decoration: any, even the smallest defect can disrupt the idea of a completely perfect interior of the future.

The futuristic interior is simple and laconic. This style does not accept too many decorative elements. Therefore, in the design of this style, it is always necessary to pay attention to the quality of all finishing materials and furniture and be sure to evaluate the technique of execution.

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