Gearbest | How To Buy, Shipping, Customs And Payment?

Given the great interest in Amazon offers on the telegram channel, we have also included promotions and fantastic Gearbest coupons! But how does it work and how do you pay?

Gearbest | How To Buy, Shipping, Customs And Payment?

Guide to buying on Gearbest

Let’s find out all about Gearbest, from the payment method to shipping to avoid customs.

What is Gearbest?

Gearbest is an ecommerce specialized in the sale of technological products and even clothing. The site is located in China but also has warehouses in Europe (we will see the difference later).

Having warehouses in China allows Gearbest to offer unbeatable prices compared to other sites!

The guide we’re going to see does not replace the official Gearbest guide or its assistance, but wants to help users understand how this website works.

Customs and shipments

When you buy a product from Gearbest with a non-European warehouse the customs come into play, let’s see how it works and how to avoid paying it.

The information to be taken into account is:

  1. PURCHASE VALUE:Purchases for values ​​less than € 22 are not subject to customs fees under any circumstances. In case you order multiple items that exceed € 22 then Gearbest will ship them in separate orders so as to decrease the total value.
  2. EUROPEAN WAREHOUSE:In this case the products are already cleared and you have no problem even if the cost is more than € 22
  3. SHIPPING WITHOUT CUSTOMS:If you want to buy products that cost more than € 22 from a Chinese warehouse (so as to take advantage of low prices) then chooseItaly expressor even writtenpriority lineshipping.Shipping faster than the others and above all without customs fees.
  4. AVOID DHL:It is the fastest shipment that Gearbest offers but if the value exceeds € 22 you will pay the customs almost certainly.

How to pay?

Gearbest offers many payment methods, but what is the safest method to buy?

I personally, but anyone would give you this advice,pay with PayPal.

The other payment methods are still 100% secure, as Gearbest is a serious site but let’s see what advantages it brings to pay with PayPal.

Benefits of paying with PayPal:

  1. PayPal buyer protection on the transaction for 180 days
  2. Return of the return costs in case they are charged
  3. Zero extra costs for payment, without commissions

Shipping Times

Shipping times always depend on the shipping method chosen, but there is another value to take into account, theprocessing time.

Processing is the time between when you order and when the package is given to the courier and is divided as follows:

  • About 48 hours if you order from European warehouse
  • About 3-5 days from the Chinese warehouse as many products are taken directly from the factories where they are produced (for this reason the prices are low)

If by chance this time has to be extended you can cancel the order or open a ticket to request information on waiting times.

TheItaly expressshipping takes about10-15working days and is generally entrusted to BRT or GLS, and the best choice for products over € 22!

When you are given a tracking code, then the product is started, it happens that it is active even 48/72 hours later, this depends on the timing of the courier’s website and not on Gearbest.

Warranty and return

All official warranty and return information is on this page.

But let’s see a summary with the most important information:

  • Possibility of replacement or refund if the product arrives defectivewithin 7 days of arrival.
    In this case the shipping costs will also be refunded. It is important to immediately report the problem to Gearbest so as to remain within the 7 days available.
  • Money Back Guarantee. Ifyou are not satisfiedwithin30 days youcan contact Gearbest who will open a ticket and refund the price of the item. Shipping costs will also be reimbursed.
  • Warranty.The warranty for purchases on Gearbest is 2 years(on it.gearbest, it would be the site dedicated to Italy that we use for offers on @pallok TELEGRAM) and also includes free repair.
    In this case the shipment is at your expense.

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