How to get the Minecraft beta on Windows 10

Minecraft beta on Windows 10: Public betas have become a popular concept. When a product has a large user base and this user base has an active interest in contributing to product improvement, a public beta may be exceptionally useful. On the one hand, this allows the beta software to work on all types of devices, which is not something that can be done internally.

How to get the Minecraft beta on Windows 10

Minecraft also has a public beta. Users can join the beta version, whether they use the Java version or the UWP version for Windows 10. Here’s how to get the beta version of Minecraft on Windows 10.

Minecraft Beta on Windows 10

Getting the beta version of Minecraft Windows 10 requires you to install an application called Xbox Insider Hub. Go ahead, install it, and sign in with your Microsoft account.

Once connected to the app, search for ‘Insider Content’ in the left pane.

The Insider Content screen contains the available beta content. Minecraft will be listed here. You can click on it and it will be installed.

Minecraft is an application / paid game. Whatever your version, whether it’s the Java version or the UWP version, you will have to buy it. As such, joining the beta requires that you already have the game. In this case, you must have already installed the UWP application. You can not use this method to get the app for free.

You do not have to be on the Windows Program Insider or run an Insider version in order to run Minecraft Beta on Windows 10. Both are not connected in any way. The only thing you need is Xider Insider Hub app.

Release of the beta version of Minecraft

Before leaving the beta version of Minecraft on Windows 10, you should first save your worlds just in case. Do not skip this step. The Minecraft UWP app has its own problems, so it’s not a good idea to try it.

Once your worlds are backed up, open the Xbox Insider. Hub and remove yourself from the Minecraft beta version of the Insider Content section. Once you’re done, uninstall the Minecraft Beta app and then reinstall Minecraft. By default, it should detect your old worlds, but if it does not, use your backups to recover them.

The beta of Minecraft will be unstable and the UWP version may not have the same functionality as the beta version of Java. It goes without saying that you should use this application at your own risk.

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