How to Get Title Loans via WeLoans?

Secured loans, known as title loans, allow borrowers to use their car as collateral. Your car acts as collateral for your loan, so the lender can use you about.

How to Get Title Loans via WeLoans?
How to Get Title Loans via WeLoans?

How to Get Title Loans via WeLoans?

Since title loans typically have low restrictions and are short-term, high-interest loans, it’s possible to qualify even with bad credit. Credit histories and scores are frequently not taken into account at all.

The Process of a Title Loan

If you completely own your car and have unsecured titles, you can apply for title loans with the lenders who offer them. You must present your automobile, your license, and proof of ownership (your car title) to the lender when submitting your application.

Your automobile title will be given in exchange for the loan, if it is granted. Title loans often have terms of 30 days, comparable to payday loans, although your loan’s duration will be determined by the lender. This means that at the conclusion of the title loan near me term, you will make a single lump sum payment. You must repay the amount you borrowed plus any associated interest and fees.

Loans for Bad Credit Car Title

You are qualified to apply for a bad credit auto title loan if you have a low credit score and a reliable source of income. WeLoans will contact the lender who uses your car as collateral. We are not a lender based on credit. Instead, our lenders provide you with an immediate title loan nearby by using the value of your car, truck, or van as collateral.

Title loans may appeal to people with bad credit or those who need urgent cash due to financial problems. However, substantial fees associated with title loans—particularly auto title loans—should worry potential borrowers.

How to Apply for Car Title Loans on WeLoans

Utilize Now

Simply fill up and submit the online application form that asks for details about your financial and personal situation. Give a brief description of your vehicles, including their model and mileage in less than three minutes. Following that, WeLoans will send your request to our network of more than 150 lenders for review.

Find a Loan Store near You

Following pre-qualification, one of WeLoans’ potential title loan lenders will get in touch with you and provide the location of the closest lending facility. Bring identification and the title of your car.

In some places, it may be necessary to provide proof of residency (a utility bill), proof of income, and proof of auto insurance. They make a thorough evaluation to determine the value of your car.

Money Disbursed

The money will be deposited into your account the following business day if you accept the offer and the transaction is successful.

How long does a title loan take?

Your personal and financial information must be entered into the WeLoans online application form, which typically takes 3 minutes. It could take 24 to 72 hours after lenders approve your application before you can get the requested vehicle title loan.

Your application might be processed much more quickly by our lenders if you submit the required paperwork in advance for evaluation. Your ability to swiftly send us the necessary car title loan paperwork will determine how quickly we can fund your title loan.

Substitutes for title loans

There are other choices you should think about title loan near me in order to avoid taking out or renewing a car title loan, despite the fact that title loans may be alluring as a quick way to obtain money.

Request a delay from your creditors.

Ask your creditors for an extension if you are having trouble paying your bills. If you’re acting in good faith and the issue is temporary, creditors could be ready to give you a short-term extension.

Your debt should be negotiated.

Contact your credit card issuer to see if you can get a loan to repay your ever-growing credit card debt. In certain situations, you may be able to negotiate another settlement.

Please use a credit card

Using a credit card to pay your payments might be less expensive than getting a loan. Credit card interest rates are usually lower than title loans.

Additionally, you probably won’t have to pay interest on the majority of credit cards if you make your monthly full payment as agreed upon.

Apply for an unsecured personal loan.

Unsecured personal loans, unlike title loans, don’t demand collateral like your automobile. Additionally, they typically have cheaper interest rates than title loans.

Utilize the tax refund.

If you have a title loan near me and expect to receive it, you don’t have to wait to file your tax return. Don’t wait to file your taxes if you have a title loan and anticipate receiving one.

According to one research by The Pew Charitable Trusts, 21% of borrowers used their tax refund to pay down their title loan. Refunds from the IRS are often sent in 21 days or less.

Ask a relative or friend for a loan.

Even though borrowing money from friends and family can be awkward, it’s better than getting a title loan or rolling it over. In a Pew survey, 19% of borrowers repaid their mortgages with the help of friends and family.


Car title loans are intended for those who require quick access to money. They provide a quick loan with the title to your car as security. Even people with bad credit can easily acquire auto title loans because some lenders don’t do credit checks and may not even require proof of employment or income.

The draw of these cash loans is eclipsed by their high charges and severe penalties if you are unable to return what you owe, as is the case with many other loans available to consumers with terrible credit. You should be aware of how title loans operate as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using one.

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