Have a Look at the Dafabet App, Betraja Recommends!

This article is written with an emphasis on the Dafabet app. The written piece is suitable for those who are looking to download the app on their phone

At the same time, if you are looking for instructions or wondering whether to start using Dafabet, you should read the article.

Dafabet App Review
Dafabet App Review

Dafabet App Review

If you are a big fan of Dafabet, we strongly suggest you give their latest developed application a try https://betraja.in/betting-sites/dafabet/dafabet-app/.

As most of the Indian population relies on Android phones, we have started with the explanation of installing the software on your android device. You have also covered how you can get it on an IOS device.

Then there is a small overview of the Dafabet mobile website due to all the hype surrounding it. In the end, there is an accurate description of the promotions and bonuses the company offers them.

Download Dafabet APK for Android

Dafabet App Review
Dafabet App Review

The Android platform refrains itself from allowing applications that offer real-life gambling to the users. That is why you won’t be able to find the Dafabet application in the Play Store—keeping that in mind, Dafabet has created different ways for users to access their mobile applications. In this part, we are providing you with a simple tutorial on downloading and installing it on your phone.

  • Getting APK file: The first step is to search on Google about the Dafabet apk download the latest version. Then get the file from their official website.
  • Alter the settings: In the next part, you need to make some alterations to your device. You will have to go to your settings and allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Install: Go back to the file you saved before from the official Dafabet app website and click on it. The rest of the file will need it installed all by itself.


As the technological devices are improving, so what the software that supports them. That is why the applications run best when they’re with a compatible device.

Now it is safe to say that the Dafabet application is compatible with almost any modern Android device. Yet, it is better to make sure that your device is up to the task of handling this fine software.

CatagoryMinimum Requirements
OSAny device that is above android 2.0
SpaceThere should be a minimum of about 200MB of space left.it

Download the Dafabet App for IOS

Dafabet App Review
Dafabet App Review

The great news for Apple users is that their favorite company doesn’t hold any restrictions against the gambling applications like Dafabet.

And since it is allowed to be in their phone’s official store, they can directly download it from there. Much like the Android version, it is also completely free for download. Follow the steps below to get it on your iPhone iPad.

  • Store: Enter your iOS device’s app store and log in to your account.
  • Search: Now, search for the Dafabet app.
  • Click: Once it appears on your screen, click it and install it.
  • Start using: Now, you can use the software as you desire.


It is most likely that you wouldn’t face any sort of issues with the size of the compatibility of the Dafabet app on your iOS device, and it is because most iOS devices have similar kinds of features. Yet you should take a look at it just in case your season older model.

CatagoryMinimum Requirements
OSiOS 8.1 or higher
SpaceThere should be a minimum of about 200MB of space left.

Dafabet Mobile Website Overview

Dafabet App Review
Dafabet App Review

One fact that has already been established is that Dafabet has the best mobile website for online camping activities worldwide.

No other company is even close to their smoothness and excellence regarding the website accessed from the mobile browser. So let’s take a comprehensive look at what makes this one so unique.

  • You don’t need to install anything alter anything to use the services to the mobile website. All you need is an account.
  • Each and every service that Dafabet has to offer can have access from here.
  • Since you don’t need to install it, you won’t lose any space on your mobile device. Your Ram will also stay untouched.

Dafabet Bonuses and Promotions

Dafabet App Review
Dafabet App Review

There are two primary stages there are used to distribute the welcome bonus in Dafabet. However, to become eligible for any of these welcome bonuses, the new player has to deposit at least 2000 rupees in their account first.

First Deposit Welcome Bonus

You will receive this bonus upon making the first deposit from your new Dafabet account.

  • It is a 150% welcome bonus.
  • The first-time user of the website can use this promotion for up to 15,000 Indian rupees.

Second Deposit Welcome Bonus

After you play with the first promotion, Dafabet will present to you with the second hit of bonus upon the second time you make a deposit.

  • The second one comes from the second deposit in the user’s personal account. It is a 50% bonus.
  • The maximum usage limit is 30000 Indian rupees, which is double the amount of its previous one.

Casino Welcome Bonus

Dafabet offers a bonus specifically usable for the casino section. So it will be a treat for the ones who like to wager their money in the Casino games.

  • Much like the first deposit bonus, it is also a 100% bonus.
  • You can use it for up to 8,000 Indian rupees.
  • To become eligible for the bonus, users will have to wager x20 times.

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