Helping Your Loved Ones Stay Safe Online

Staying safe online has new aspects to it all the time. As scammers develop new strategies, we also need to update our defense. We need to add new levels to this when we consider the experience of our loved ones online.

Helping Your Loved Ones Stay Safe Online
Helping Your Loved Ones Stay Safe Online

Helping Your Loved Ones Stay Safe Online

We want the best for our friends and family, and this also applies to the online world. Here is how to keep them safe online!

The Most Vulnerable Members of our Family

We should keep in mind especially the most vulnerable members of our communities. In other words, some of us are more likely to be attacked and to fall for scams than others. For example, students have specific online security concerns.

Because students tend to carry their electronics around, they are more exposed. Also, the insular nature of escolar communities opens students up to bullying.

Other vulnerable members of our communities will be the same ones who suffer from social isolation. While not always the case, these people tend to be adolescents and the elderly.

Because they often do not have as much human contact, they are more willing to believe strangers online requesting help, or succumb to unhealthy admiration. We should keep these people in mind as we work to keep each other safe online.

Update Their Software

Software updates are not exactly anyone’s idea of fun. However, they are incredibly important to keeping you and others safe online. These updates almost always include security patches, so you might not notice the difference, but potential hackers will!

This is something you can set up to happen automatically. Go to the settings on the different apps they use most frequently and on the phone or computer itself.

This is one way you can keep your loved ones safer online on an indefinite basis. Whether you are there or not, this will improve their security for months to come.

Trust the Experts

The Internet is a big place, so it is naturally full of both good will and bad will. Luckily, for experts who dedicate their lives to Internet safety this is much more easy to do than it is for a layperson.

Whenever you can find expert advice on website safety and quality, you should pay careful attention to it, so you can help your family members use the correct sites.

For example, these experts recommend the best online casinos. This site will recommend the best casinos in the Arab world based on legality, safety, bonuses, and game selection. You can play online blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, slots and video poker.

If you want to find a safe and high-quality online casino for you or a family member, this guide will get you there.

Limit the Time They Spend on Social Networks

More and more evidence is coming in about the negative mental health effects of social media. And the more time one spends on social media, the more the harms grow.

There are relatively few documented benefits to social media, so limiting its use is normally quite recommended by mental health experts.

This is one way we can really be at risk when we are on the internet. Not only do we expose ourselves to risks of anxiety and depression, we also open ourselves up to potential scams as people we do not know at all can begin to seem like our friends.

You can download apps or change the settings on your phone to limit app time, so that you get a warning or the app locks directly when a certain time limit has passed.

Teach Them Media Literacy

Overall, we need to be sharing media literacy resources with as many people as possible. This is like the classic adage that you can either give someone a fish, or teach them how to fish. Media literacy will help them ask the vital critical questions to stay safe online.

It will also help them fact check news articles, so they can avoid conspiracy theories or accept news articles on their face value.

By questioning where information comes from, they can avoid scams of all kinds! As more and more of our lives move online, we will have to increase our comfort level with these types of tools.

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