HES Code | How To Get And Use?

The HEPP Code, which will be used in domestic travels, has been put into use. TheHES Code feature has beenadded to the Hayat Eve Sığar application developed as part of the coronavirus outbreak.

HES Code | How to Get and Use?

So, what is theHEPP Codethat will be used in domestic travels in the first place?How to get HEPP Code?Let’s take a closer look at this practice that has just entered our lives.

What is HES Code?

While promising developments regarding the coronavirus epidemic continue to occur, new steps are being taken by many state institutions, especially the Ministry of Health, under the name of the controlled normalization process. These steps prevent both the spread of the epidemic and help control the epidemic.

As you know,Hayat Eve Sığar application,which wasrecentlydeveloped by the Ministry of Health , was launched. Through this application, which is called HEPP in short, people could learn whether the region where they live is risky in terms of epidemic.

In addition, a new functionality has been added to this application, where operations such as mask requests can also be made.

Accordingly, in the statement made by the Ministry of Health, the HEPP Code, which will be used in domestic travels, can now be obtained through this application. According to the statements of Minister Fahrettin Koca, theHEPP Codewill be a must for all domestic flights.

Thanks to this code, which can be purchasedviaHayat Eve Sığarapplication andSMS, train and plane travels can be made. In short, citizens will not be able to travel abroad without this code.

How to Get HES Code for Domestic Travels?

The statement made by the Ministry of Health also includes the answer to the question“How to get an HEPP Code?”. As stated by the officials in this section, the HEPP code can be obtained from Hayat Eve Sığar application or via SMS.

If you want to get a travel code through the application, you need to go to the“HES Code Operations”section andclick “Create HES Code”.

To get the code via SMS instead of the application, it will be sufficient to write your TR identity number, the last 4 digits of your identity serial number and the number of days the code will be valid and send an SMS to2023.(Example: HES 12345678901 4321 15).

Thanks to this application, which entered our lives within the scope of combating coronavirus, it will be possible to learn whether the citizen will have a coronavirus history during the journey. Thus, who is in contact with whom can be easily followed in domestic travel.

Finally, you can download Hayat Eve Sığar application on your device forfreeviaGoogle Play StoreorApp Store.

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