Honor Band 4 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Honor Band 4 Review: Everything You Need to Know
Honor Band 4 Review: Everything You Need to Know

Honor Band 4 Review: Everything You Need to Know

What is the Honor Band 4?

The Honor Band 4 is a small, low-cost physical fitness tracker. For only £59.99, you get pulse rate tracking, a bold color screen, nap tracking, linked GPS for your runs and bicycle trips, and support for notices.

Xiaomi’s Mi Band 3 is its greatest rival, instead of the less affordable Fitbit Charge 3. And this Honor band is not just a good deal cuter-looking; it has a lot better screen display. Although there is no inbuilt GPS, the running band is a low-cost physical fitness tracking star.


The Honor Band 4 is a typical-looking physical fitness tracker. It is roughly an in wide, with a long, portrayal display. Till recently, a low-cost band like this would have had a widespread colored screen if it bore an exhibition in the least.

Honor has altered all that. The Band 4’s screen display is acute and bright. And gives thanks to the OLED panel; its counterpoint is brilliant.

The user interface, app and physical fitness tracking:

Upwards and downwards filches on the screen adopt you through the Honor Band 4’s diverse sections. Because this is not a smartwatch, there are only a couple of these “home screens” to deal with.

As you 1st utilize Band 4, the dynamic exercise tracking page sits down someplace in the midst of them, which is not convenient.

At about £59.99, the Honor Band 4 is required to compete generally with moderately simple trackers with HR and footstep counting. It behaves these jobs moderately well.


The band and a couple of extras: alarms, notices, Find Phone, nap tracking, and AliPay.

There are editions of the Band 4 with NFC, but ours merely exhibits a barcode or QR code to allow a scanner to distinguish your AliPay account. If there is one characteristic of the wellness app when you customize the band’s set up, it’s AliPay.

Battery Life:

Characteristics like alerts and a moderately big color screen create the Band 4 to appear like a bang-up value. That you would accept to “pay up” for the Honor Band 4’s punchy color OLED display screen with curter battery life looks intuitive.

Why purchase the Honor Band 4?

The Honor Band 4 may only be the best physical fitness tracker band you are able to get for the money. It is more flexible than the Withings Pulse HR, does a lot than the Xiaomi Mi Band 3, and has Fitbit Charge 3 characteristics at a Fitbit Flex cost.

Its app is not incisively the definition of amusing, HR-tracking of assistant exercise can be inconsistent, and handling of notices needs to be bettered.

All the same, long battery life, catching design, a bang-up screen, and actual run tracking expected thanks to linked GPS make Band 4 a big buy.


The physical fitness band is to purchase if you want all the essential features at a killer cost.

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