How Biometric Identification Is Changing Internet Search

Scrolling through the Internet has become accessible for anyone with Wi-Fi connectivity and data. You can find thousands of pieces of information with just one click. And along with the development of the Internet is the use of biometric technology.

How Biometric Identification Is Changing Internet Search
How Biometric Identification Is Changing Internet Search

How Biometric Identification Is Changing Internet Search

How did biometric identification affect the Internet? There are a lot of conversations about face search biometrics, one of the most popular biometric identification, and the scope of developments it brought along. Today, we’ll talk about how this technology changed the world wide web positively and negatively.


Biometric identification systems have created a digital world with many benefits. Here are some of the opportunities biometric technology has developed:

More Secure Data Processing

Whenever you access information, you directly go to sites and secure payment. You become anxious about your bank details and personal information.

With the new biometric system, you become less afraid since you have authentication factors using fingerprint and facial recognition to secure all your information.

For example, you subscribe to a piece of online science information. Then, you plan to access it from time to time. However, you’re afraid that someone will hack into your account and use your information.

With the new biometric technological system, you need to open your account and use your bank details with your fingerprint only. So, when there is an unusual activity using your account, you’ll be notified immediately.

Easy and Convenient

Most people want a simple and easy way to identify themselves, especially for using the Internet. For the government and other legal sites, biometric identification is the key to avoiding tedious processes to access sites for information.

For example, you want to get information about your driver’s license. The government site can be accessed with just your face or fingerprint.

You don’t have to worry about waiting for a number of working days to be granted access to the site for your personal information needed.

Quicker Data Analysis

One of the biggest contributions of biometric technology is the voice recognition to command for searching lots of information.

The efforts of typing many words and waiting for sites to load were lessened through voice recognition such as Siri, Alex, and Google Homes.

Suppose you’re in your house. You can easily play songs and get information with Alexa and Google Homes. You can just say, “Alexa, play How Deep Is Your Love by BeeGees.”

You don’t have to do lots of work to search for a song and play it. Instead, the voice command application can get you what you want.

Image Recognition to Find Similar Images

Before, it’s hard to find someone or something when you had a photo. However, image recognition has saved a lot of time in finding a photo from scratch with biometric technology.

You can use face recognition to find missing persons and their information. You can even use image recognition to find significant objects.

Let’s say you’re trying to find a person. You posted a photo of the person asking for help to find him or her. However, it would take you some time to have information about the person.

With the latest technology using facial recognition, you can scan through search engines and social media platforms and find the person.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

When you register your biometric information to an institution or company with many platforms, it will save you time registering all over again.

The stored biometric information you have can be your way to avoid logging in with compatible platforms. Instead, you can use your stored biometric information to give your personal information without typing everything all over again.


Along with the advantages of biometric technology when you search for information, you’ll have to face challenges to secure your personal information. Here are some of the disadvantages of using

Data Privacy

When you log in using your email to search for information, the terms and conditions of search engines allow you to give your information to a lot of businesses. So, when you log in with your biometrics, it is unsafe.

Social Media Threats to Security

With your pictures uploaded to your social media page, anyone can look through your photos and even take screenshots too. With this, other people can get your photo and use it for face recognition which is unsafe.

Identity Theft

When other people steal your identity and use a different biometric identification to register, it’ll be hard to gain your identity back. The thief can act as you to gain information from other people for bad use.

For example, your name was registered to a social media account, but the biometrics registered was another person. The thief would message your friends for information about bank details.

Another bad instance would be if someone has a bad intention with one of your friends’ lists, and through your account, the thief can find the person and do bad things.

Unauthorized Tracking

Individuals who register their biometric information to just any site can be dangerous. Some biometric technologies are designed to track individuals.

Thus, your whereabouts and even the people you interact with are being monitored. When this happens, your private life and information can be used against you.


Internet search is available anytime. With the advancements of technology, biometric identification paved the way for saving time and effort for security and search of information.

However, anyone and everyone can scan through your photos to use them for facial recognition that can compromise your privacy.

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