How Crowdville Works: Evaluate Apps And Services And Earn!

Do you want to make money with your smartphone by trying new apps and innovative services? You are in the right place! Let’s find out how Crowdville works.

How Crowdville works: Evaluate Apps and Services and Earn!
How Crowdville works: Evaluate Apps and Services and Earn!

Make money simply by expressing your opinion about a new application or collaborating with the most important brands in the creation of new products?

They are not fantasies, for some time now it has been possible thanks to Crowdville.

Crowdville is an innovative company that allows you to make money online by simply giving your opinion about what you have used.

How Crowdville works: where to start?

Once registered on the official page  by carefully entering your data, you will be offered campaigns aimed at advertising or collecting feedback about some products.

In order to be efficient and therefore earn, it will be necessary to meet some requirements , such as having a device equipped with an operating system of a certain type or an adequate Internet connection. In short, a lot of potential for everyone: anyone can contribute in his own way by being paid.

On a pre-established day, the campaign begins , which will have to follow very specific standards and guidelines, a sort of behavioral code in order to obtain maximum profit.

The campaigns aimed at perfecting and fixing the various bugs contained within the applications are very interesting. Through reports you will leave feedback which will then be evaluated and, if accepted, paid at the end of the month.

How Crowdville works: how you can earn

Testing campaign : the most profitable for tech lovers. The crowder will have to track down as many bugs and malfunctions and report the most important ones. The more important the bug is, the more you will be paid, from £ 3.5 to £ 14.

End of campaign questionnaire: simple questionnaire to be completed at the end of each campaign. You can receive payment simply to give your opinion about a product, app or service, by answering simple and quick questions.

The payment will be made later this month through TransferWise (bank transfer), PayPal account, both in euro and GBP (higher fees).

In summary, the operations to start earning are few, simple and well defined. Here’s how Crowdville works :

  • Register on the site;
  • Discover the available missions;
  • Carry out the campaign where and when you want;
  • Interact with the Crowdville community, available 24 hours a day to answer your questions;
  • Invite your friends and challenge them on missions;
  • Receive your well-deserved compensation.

In short, an intelligent, rewarding and intuitive way to earn and contribute to the creation of new products directly with companies.

Crowdville: immediately a campaign for you!

Do you want to test yourself immediately after seeing how Crowdville works ? We immediately have an opportunity for you : these days a new mission is starting where you will have the opportunity to improve the app of one of the main mobile phone services. Register now and participate in “My Mobile World”, we are waiting for you!

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