How To Automate Your Business In 2023?

Automation in business can be a life-changing investment. Have you ever thought of the comfort you can get from automation? The best way to deal with the competition is to automate your business operations. It allows you to be creative and efficient at the same time.

How to Automate Your Business in 2023?

How to Automate Your Business in 2023?

Many business operations can adapt the automation and still turn out as a positive change. One such aspect of the business is the phone calling system that has a lot of room for improvement. Second, the data handling of a business can also use some automation.

Today, you will learn how to automate your business, such as your customer service 0345 numbers, in 20203 with minimum changes.

Start With the Easiest Process

Adapting change can be a challenging task. Your employees, vendors, and customers will be affected by a sudden change. Hence, you can start with the easiest and the least-effective process.

It will help you bring some automation while keeping the minimum impact of the change on your employees and customers. The best way to decide the easiest process is by human value.

Look for the process that does not impact any employee and has the potential to adapt to the automation. It will save you the planning and execution time of the process.

To start, You can:

  • List all the business Operations
  • Arrange them in different categories (Higher to Minimum Effect on Employees)
  • Select the easiest one

Employee Recruiting And Training

Do you know that you can automate your employee recruiting process?

Every business knows about the struggle of going through the recruiting process to find the right employees. However, there are online platforms like ZipRecruiter that helps you submit your employee requirements and receive an application from different platforms.

Additionally, you can use some tracking software to automate the training process. There are tools like Trainual that help you carry out all the training digitally. You can also record their performance in the online accounts for the individuals.

Automate Your Customer Support

Customer support is the most crucial aspect of every business operation. The success of every business depends on the efficiency of their customer support department. There are many problems like call waiting and delayed support that can affect the user experience of your customers.

That is why automating customer support is the best option for businesses. Getting a virtual business number can solve this problem for you. You can set an auto-responder to answer some basic queries like- are 0345 numbers free?

Additionally, you can easily manage multiple calls with its call forwarding features. Most of the businesses switched to the virtual business numbers in 2023. It is due to the convenience and advanced features of having a virtual business number.

You can check more on WeNumber, and they can help you to register and set up your business number.

How to Automate Your Business in 2020?
How to Automate Your Business in 2023?

Automate the Payroll

Let’s be honest. Managing payroll is one of the most challenging tasks. However, it is much easier to automate this process than you think. From managing the lists of employees to filing the text documents, you can automate the whole process within a few minutes.

There are different applications like Gusto that allow you to invite your employees and manage their payroll. You can schedule the payroll with many other features including taxes.

It is the first step towards automating your payroll. After this, you can look forward to some complex business operations.


Invoicing is another aspect of a business with some room for improvement. There are dozens of useful applications that can help you create invoices for your business within a few seconds. Additionally, you can use them to manage and store valuable invoices for future references.

Harvest is one of the most famous invoicing applications preferred by thousands of businesses. It helps you schedule the payments (and the payment reminders) to avoid late payments.

Just add the reminder intervals, and it will send all the reminders to your business clients. The best part about this application is that you can break down the payments in smaller parts with the help of credit cards.

Business Advertising and Marketing

Businesses spend most of the time in advertisement and marketing of their products and services. Automating this business operation can bring in some positive changes in the organization. However, it is a big step and requires some effort in the beginning.

With digital marketing, you can automate your business marketing in a new and advanced way. You can start with:

  • Automating Social Media: Using your social media accounts is a popular business tactic. However, you can automate your social media accounts by scheduling the posts and getting some organic engagement for your business. Doing so will also allow your business to leverage social recruiting if you’re looking for new talent (click here to learn about what is social recruiting).
  • Auto-responders: Add an auto-responder on your business website and social media accounts. It saves you time and money by avoiding any further investment in the digital support of your business. You can add some FAQs on your website and ask your visitors to call your customer support department in case they have some other queries.


Automation is the next big thing for leading businesses. With the increasing customer expectations, you need to automate the processes that do not require much of your attention. It allows you to focus on your customer issues and create better products and services for them.

Businesses are using digital platforms to automate most of their operations. They are affordable and provide much better options than traditional methods. However, it is better to start with automating your 0345 number from WeNumber by having a proper strategy to deal with it.

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