How To Buy Bitcoin And Other Cryptocurrencies Safely

Come buy Bitcoin? In recent years, being able to buy cryptocurrencies seems to have become quite a widespread need. In this guide, I want to explain how to buy Bitcoin and how to buy cryptocurrencies in general without incurring cheating.

How to Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies safely
How to Buy Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies safely

Before explaininghow to buy Bitcoin itis necessary to make some premises, dispel some myths and understandhow to use andhow to buy cryptocurrenciesin this parallel and virtual world.

TheBitcoin is not a physical currency but only virtual, and thanks to this feature, has many advantages but also many disadvantages. Staying away from cheating is the fundamental prerogative, that’s why I decided to help you in the most thoughtful choice to buy Bitcoin.

There are many methods to buy Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies, some very safe, some less. Several sites promise safe purchases, but in reality, they only boast an excellent facade that canhide beautiful and good rip-offs.

Surely the biggest risk, when buying Bitcoins or cryptocurrenciesin general, is that the site that acts as your virtual wallet can close,taking away your budget. And it doesn’t end there when it comes tohow to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrenciessafely!

How to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safely

As anticipated before, thisvirtual currencyis pervaded by an aura of mystery. Some think that it can only be used on the ”Dark Web” to illegally buy illegal material, such as drugs, weapons or the like.

Nothing is more wrong! Even in our beautiful country, there is the possibility to shop using this currency, there areshops ready to acceptBitcoinas payment.

To endorse my word I can indicate a smartphone application created specifically to find such safe stores to buy Bitcoin. This application bears the name ofQuiBitcoin, a very simple and intuitive application that will allow you to find, thanks to geo-localization, the shopkeepers who accept this payment method in your vicinity.

The safest way tobuyBitcoinright now is to useExchange sites. Don’t be frightened by the word that might have seemed even stranger than the names assigned to thecryptocurrenciesthemselves. What we are talking about are simplycurrency exchange sites, neither more nor less!

Simplifying this, one could think of a tourist who is preparing to take a trip to a foreign country. To be able to shop, he obviously needs to have the currency of that country, in order to spend money in America, for example, our tourist will need to go to an exchange desk and change his euros into dollars.

Exchange sites do exactly that, theychange your currencyfrom euros to bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies. They are therefore a fundamental step in learninghow to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

How to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, always on the alert!

The world of Bitcoins is obviously not all roses. In addition to the rip-offs you will have to deal with when buying cryptocurrencies, there are other problems that could arise! Let’s find out in this guide on how to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Pay close attention!

Bitcoins are a not fully regulated currency therefore subject to many changes in value. Furthermore, the great instability of the Exchange sites does not guarantee total security. That’s why experts recommend transferring purchased Bitcoins to a Wallet.

For example, a key is created specifically to hold your money. Another method to buy Bitcoins could be to withdraw them directly (obviously always in digital form) from an ATM-enabled counter. Currently, in Italy there are very few branches that offer this service, but they exist. You can find a small list on this map. If you want to purchase cryptocurrency in-person in Canada, then you can consider using Localcoin ATM.

Obviously, these are not the only methods to be able to buy Bitcoins, but I do not feel like recommending other methods that could prove to be “cheats”.

In addition, there are many Exchange sites and understanding which is the best to buy Bitcoin could be not so easy.

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