Learn How to Control Anxiety Through Your Cell Phone

It can happen that the most effective solutions to combat our anxiety are right before our eyes, incredibly close and at hand. In an extremely complex historical period, in which people have had to deal with material and emotional losses of all kinds, anxiety and restlessness have begun to spread like a contagious disease, as if they were the younger sisters of Covid-19, sowing everywhere an oppressive feeling of uncertainty that continues to persist and cause new victims.

Learn How to Control Anxiety Through Your Cell Phone
Learn How to Control Anxiety Through Your Cell Phone

Learn How to Control Anxiety Through Your Cell Phone

New causes of anxiety

The global pandemic has overwhelmed the daily lives of every single person on the face of the earth, completely changing their daily routines and giving a formidable jolt to their spirit, to their interiority, completely disrupting it and questioning what was previously taken for granted.

There are those who have lost their jobs, those who have had to deal with the difficulties linked to the decrease in income and the closure of stores and businesses that have proved unable to withstand the blow, sinking into an endless abyss.

All this has produced anger, frustration, nervousness, opening the door to anxiety and its most valuable ally, depression. No wonder that in the last two years the phones of psychologists and psychiatrists have never stopped ringing, as if at any moment they would explode in the hands of their owners.

In every corner of the world, many people – especially the youngest – were shocked by what was happening, by the restrictions to which they were subjected, and were not able to react quickly and adequately, letting themselves be dominated by the chaos and uncertainty of the moment.

For the youngest, one of the most colossal changes is the one that has affected learning: for the first time in their lives, entire generations of pupils and students have been forced to familiarize themselves with distance learning, with forms of education for which they were not yet ready, and to which they have been forced to adapt almost by force.

The COVID-19, in a certain sense, forcibly anticipated the future, forcing it into the present and imposing it on everyone, especially the new generations, forcing them to make a huge psychological effort for which they were not at all prepared.

If the schoolchildren of the 60s had suddenly been given smartphones or laptops on which to follow their lessons, they would probably have gone mad. Change cannot happen so abruptly, but must be gradual, must impose itself one step at a time.

The repercussions on daily life

In recent years, possible future evolutions of the educational system – such as the possibility of following lessons at a distance, or taking an exam without having to set foot in any classroom – have imposed themselves with excessive violence, have fallen on the heads of students overnight, without any kind of preparation or warning, and have left indelible marks on most of their consciences.

But the gradual familiarization with digital innovations, from 2020 onwards, has also produced positive results, especially for all those companies and professionals who had not yet decided to take that leap forward into the future, towards innovation, choosing the path of modernization and digitization of business processes. For ordinary people, this technology bath has undoubtedly had beneficial effects, as it has greatly facilitated their daily lives.

In this sense, technology can also be an excellent tool for containing anxiety, for keeping depression at bay, helping people to immerse themselves in the activity they are doing in the present moment, right at that precise instant, which is then the only one that really exists.

Instead of using their smartphones to obsessively check social media boards, people should learn to use them more productively, thanks to all the apps that can yield significant material and spiritual benefits.

In order to neutralize the anxiety of their players who are always worried about not finding online platforms that live up to their expectations, some of the top US sports betting sites have hired entire teams of experts who have scoured the net for the safest and most reliable portals to place their bets, thus saving users the trouble of searching for them on their own in the boundless ocean of the net.

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All anxieties and worries, regardless of their nature, can be fought and defeated, it is only a matter of time. For starters, all you need to do is take a closer look at the light device you hold in your hands. The solution, ultimately, may be right there.

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