How To Create 3D Photos Online (Free Websites)

Create 3D Photos Online: In this tutorial, the material will discuss how to make 360-degree photos with the help of a 360-degree online photo maker site. This web application helps you to turn still images into 360-degree photos easily. All you have to do is upload the image, convert it to 360 and download the results.

How To Create 3D Photos Online
How To Create 3D Photos Online

How To Create 3D Photos Online

This website requires photos in landscape mode so that photo 360 makers can produce a good display. Then, you can drag and rotate the image to enjoy the panoramic view of 360. Some of the websites mentioned below automatically rotate 360 ​​photos. Also, use this website to view 360 photos.

It’s also online, so you don’t need to download any application or software on this trick. Let’s see how to make ordinary photos into 360-degree photos with the help of this 360-degree photo maker online site:

1. PhotoOxy

PhotoOxy is an online website that makes photo 360s. This site allows you to convert normal photos to 360 photos without any effort.

This online 360 ​​photo maker requires you to choose images from your PC / Laptop. You can cut the image to select a specific part of the image. It would be better if you upload images with landscape mode. Once done, you can click OK to convert the image from normal to 360.

After that, you will see the extraordinary output with a 360-degree view. You can draw pictures here and there to see them correctly. You can also save it in JPG format or share it on Facebook. [ Visit PhotoOxy ]

2. 360 Photo Converter

360 Photo Converter is another website for making photo 360. As the name suggests, this website is a photo 360 converter where you can upload photos to convert to 360.

Before you start, you have to register with your Facebook account. After that, you can upload images. 360 Photo Converter supports image files in JPG or JPEG format. Image file size cannot be more than 10MB.

After uploading the image, you can change it from normal to 360. Then, you can see a preview of the photo. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can change it back then download the results. [ Visit 360 Photo Converter ].

3. 360 Toolkit

360 Toolkit can also be used as an online photo 360 maker. This site displays other sections such as conversion of cube map to equirectangular, meta tag images for Facebook.

There is also a section called Preview panoramas. Here, you only need to add images and the site automatically detects the type of image. Basically, you have to add images with landscape mode. Then, this site automatically detects panoramic images and allows you to see images in a 360-degree view. [ Visit 360 Toolkit ].

4. 360 Photo to Video Online Converter

360 Photo to Video Online Converter is a website that converts still images into 360-degree videos. This site allows you to upload images from your computer. And after setting preferences, the website turns it into a video where you don’t need to draw pictures but move automatically.

After entering the picture, you can adjust the settings. Here, you can set the initial horizontal position, display area, video length, rotation direction, dimensions, etc.

You can also choose the output format as WEBM or GIF. Then, you can convert and save the video and see it playing as a panoramic 360. [ Visit 360 Photo to Video Online Converter ].

Closing: I think it’s a good way to enjoy a 360-degree display just by converting a normal image. You can play and draw pictures to enjoy the look. Some sites automatically play 360 panoramas that you will definitely like. You can also try it and convert still images to 360 using the online photo 360 maker website.

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