How To Delete Shortcut Virus On Windows Permanently

Delete Shortcut Virus: Malware or computer viruses are neutralized and eliminated by antivirus but not all, the shortcut virus is not often detected by antivirus, transmitted by a USB key, this virus hides the content of a USB key and transforms all shortcut files and folders.

How to Delete Shortcut Virus on Windows Permanently
How to Delete Shortcut Virus on Windows Permanently

This infection has several names depending on the antivirus used but generally it is given the sweet name ofHoudini, Dinihou. Here is a tutorial on how to remove the shortcut virus from a USB drive and repair a system infected with theshortcut virus.

Principle of contamination of the shortcut virus

These viruses are transmitted by USB keys, SD card most often, once infected, they will hide the original files found in the USB key and will create shortcuts.

How the shortcut virus works

They create shortcuts to let the user think that these are his real files and when you click on them they generate malware (contaminates your PC) then launches the real file so not easy to notice for a beginner.

How to remove the shortcut virus from a USB stick

First check if you are infected with this virus by plugging a USB key into your PC, if after a while everything turns into shortcuts then you are infected, there is a command to remove the virus from the shortcut on a USB key in one click.

If you areinfectedthen here is how to disinfect your flash disk or memory card;

Step 1: Open Windows Command Prompt from the Start Menu

Step 2: Enter and execute the commands below, line by line.

attrib -s -h / s / d 
del * .lnk / q / f 
del * .exe / q / f 
del * .dll / q / f 
del auto *. * / Q / f 

HereGis the letter of the removable disk in question, if it’s for youRemovable Disk (H 🙂then you replaceGbyH.

You can download the command to remove viruses from shortcuts so that you no longer write it each time you are in front of the shortened virus, you just have to copy the file “antivirus-shortcut.bat” in the SD card and the execute.

Download command to delete shortcut virus


There are several other software to remove this virus which transforms files into shortcuts among others:Smadav,USBfix,…

All of this software removes the shortcut virus from the SD card but not from the infected operating system.

How to remove the shortcut virus from the Windows operating system

To remove this shortcut virus,

Step 1: Scan the whole system with an antivirus.

Step 2: Open the Windows “taskmanager”, Click on the “Startup” tab and delete any suspicious application that launches when Windows starts:Skypee.exe,Google Update.exe,exeaeeu.exe,…

Step 3: Restart the computer.

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