How To Delete The History Of Google Home Voice Commands

Delete the History of Google Home: If you have a Google Home speaker, you may appreciate its help on a daily basis. But the personal assistant also keeps everything you ask him on Google servers, the objective being to provide faster and more precise answers to your complaints. But if you don’t like it, we’ll show you how to view and delete your voice command history.

How To Delete The History Of Google Home Voice Commands

How to Delete the History of Google Home Voice Commands

Google Home has one thing in common with Android smartphones. They share the same artificial intelligence: Google Assistant. To know the weather, program the alarm clock, get information or interact with the other connected objects around you, nothing like voice commands.

But did you know? Everything you ask the assistant is stored on Google’s servers via ahistory of searches and voice commands.

The goal according to the explanations of the firm is to ” allow you to benefit from a more personalized experience “.

Google Home, Google Assistant: how to delete order history

To delete your search history with Google Home or Google Assistant, go to the following a web browser. Then:

    • Log in with your Google account (the same used with Google Home)
    • At the top under the search bar, click onFilter by date and products
    • Uncheck all products and check onlyAssistant
    • Click on thesearch button (magnifying glass)at the top right.
    • You have a list showing all the history of your voice commands, whether those spoken with Google Home or using Google Assistant on your smartphone.
    • Click on the three vertical points to the right of each card then click ondelete.
    • To delete everything at once, click on the three vertical points to the right of the search bar and then clickDelete results.

All voice commands sent to Google Assistant via your smartphone or the Google Home connected speaker are now erased. To completely deactivate the recording of searches and voice commands, go tothis address.

Make sure you’re signed in to your Google Account. Toggle the switch in theVoice and audio activitysection to the left to deactivate the storage of your orders.

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