How To Delete Windows.old?

What is Windows.old? How to delete Windows.old? Is the Windows.old folder deleted? What happens if Windows.old is deleted? We will answer all of your questions such as in our article.

What is Windows.old?We can answer the question briefly as “Windows.old is the system that retains the state that the updates are not made by reversing the computer based on the update purchase on computers with Windows 10 operating system”.

How to Delete Windows.old?
How to Delete Windows.old?

With updates to the Windows 10 operating system, your computer may decrease storage space. Windows.old can take up a lot of space because it covers the state of your computer before updating. Therefore,Windows.old deletionmay be needed.

What is Windows.old?

While thequestion ofwhat is Windows.old and how it occurs is wondered by most people, this is actually effective when you want to restore the changes you have made to your computer.

So, if you replace your Windows 8 computer with Windows 10 operating system, you can use Windows.old option when you don’t like your changes.

The Windows.old file will occur after updates to your computer’s C drive. Covering a large amount of storage space, Windows.old is the file that was stored before the updates on your computer with Windows operating system.

When you have disk space problem, you can delete various programs on your computer or you can delete this file extension.

Bydeleting Windows.old,you can open the shortage of space on your computer, or if your computer does not delete the Windows.old file for 1 month, it will automatically delete this file.

How to Recovery with Windows.old?

If you did notdelete Windows.old and there have been some changes in your computer due to the update, you can open the Windows.old file by opening the C folder.

You can access your previous data by clicking on the name of the file you are looking for when you come to this section because there are all the programs and old versions used before the update in the opened file.

Although Windows.old takes up a lot of space, it is a very important tab where recovery can be done if some documents are deleted. In addition, since it contains your personal data on Windows.old, it will enable you to find the documents you need in a shorter time.

How to Delete Windows.old?
How to Delete Windows.old?

How to Delete Windows.old?

If you take up a lot of space on your computer and are satisfied with the operating system updates, you candelete Windows.old. To do this, you must follow these steps:

# 1Click the”My Computer” icon on yourcomputer.

# 2 Click on theLocal Disk C” or “C” folderfrom the page that opens.

# 3Look for the file”Windows.old“on the new tab thatoccurs.

# 4After you find the file, mark the file with the mouse pointer and right click on it and click on “Delete“.

If you don’t want to do these things, come to the start bar on Windows 10 and search for “Disk Cleanup”. You can start all the information in the C folder by starting the disk cleaning application that will come up. You can watch how todelete Windows.old folder from the video below.

Is the Windows.old folder deleted, what happens if it is deleted?

The Windows.old folder is not a folder with disadvantages, it is a file that should be on your computer for a temporary period of 1 month.

Even if you do not delete it, this file, which is automatically deleted after a month, can remain on your computer if it does not take up much space. If you see updates useful and you don’t need them, you can delete this file.

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