How to Download on Slideplayer Easily and Quickly

Nowadays, a lot of lectures, teaching and learning activities or even work are carried outonline. And not infrequently, these activities require a lot ofpresentationfiles. But you know, now we can not only create digital presentationfilesinpptformat usingsoftware such as Microsoft Powerpoint you know.

How to Download on Slideplayer Easily and Quickly
How to Download on Slideplayer Easily and Quickly

How to Download on Slideplayer Easily and Quickly

Currently there are several sites that provide presentationfilesthat can be downloaded for free. And of course, there are a lot of presentation topics. You can download presentationfileson topics related to religious education, languages, and so on.

Well, one of the sites that provides free presentationfilesthat are fairly popular in cyberspace is Slideplayer. In this discussion, We will share information about how todownload on Slideplayer along with information on how touploadand also the advantages of this site. Just consider the following discussion, for more information.

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Slideplayer Excellence

Slideplayer has several advantages that will spoil you as a user. What are some of them? Here are some of the advantages of this presentationfileprovider site .

1. Download the Presentation for Free

One of the advantages of Slideplayer is, you and every other Slideplayer site user can download presentationfilesfor free. In addition, you can download presentationfilesthat were already created on your previous device.

2. No Registration Required to Download Presentations

To be able to download or uploadapresentationfile on Slideplayer you don’t need to register an account first, you know. Yes, you can immediately share or download the presentation file without the hassle of creating an account from scratch.

3. Share and Download with Link

Through the Slideplayer site, you can downloadthepresentationfileby simply using thelink. This way, you don’t have to save the presentation on your PC or laptop.

This method can also save the internal memory of your laptop, PC or even your cellphone. You also don’t need to be afraid of being hit byfilesizerestrictions when sending presentationsviae-mail.

4. No Need for Flash Player

Did you know, we can also view presentationfilesdirectly ontheSlideplayerwebsitewithout downloading thefiles. And what’s great is that Slideplayer already uses HTML5 technology. So you can immediately play the presentationslideson the website without using Adobe Flash Player.

5. Supports Audio and Video Files

One other advantage is owned Slideplayer their support for playing files audio and video within the file presentation. So, you can download or uploadapresentationfilethat uses the audio and video in it, without any hitch.

How to download on Slideplayer via PC

Now, it’s time for us to review the procedure fordownloadingpresentationfileson Slideplayer via PC. Curious, how to download from this site? Here are the steps.

1. Open the Slideplayer Site

The first step, please open yourbrowseron a PC or laptop, then openthe Slideplayer site. An example is shown in the picture above.

2. Locate the Presentation File You Want to Download

The next step, please find thefileyou want todownloadby typing keywords in the searchfieldorsearch bar. Thesearch baris in the top center of the screen.

For example, we are looking forslidesor presentations on linguistics. So, we typed the word ‘linguistics’ in the search field.

3. Select and Download the File

After you type in keywords and press thesearchbutton , a number of presentation options will appear. On this page, you can choose to searchforpresentationfilesfrom Google or from the Slideplayer site itself.

So, as an example, we chose search results from Google. We click on the‘Google Search’tab which is given a red box. After that, there are several search results for presentationfilesthat appear.

After that, the steps that must be done are to selectthepresentationfilethat you want to download. To be able to download thefile, we only need to click on the title of the presentation.

After that, a new page will open in thebrowser. To downloadthepresentationfile, we only need to press the white button that says‘Download Presentation’.

If so, we will be asked to send a recommendationlinkto our colleagues first, before downloading thefile. Here, we chose to share a recommendationlinkviae-mail.

Apart from viae-mail, we can also send the link via social media accounts such as Twitter and Facebook. In addition, we can also send the link viamessengersuch as WhatsApp.

After the recommendationlink issent,thepresentationfilecan be downloaded. We only need to press the green button that says‘Download’, then the file will download itself to your PC or laptop.

If you don’t want todownload thepresentation, users can play the files directly on thewebsite. It’s easy, just press theplaybutton as shown above. Later, the file will be played automatically by the Slideplayer site.

How to Upload on Slideplayer

After reviewing how todownloadon Slideplayer, we will also discuss the steps foruploadingapresentationfileto this one site. Come on, just look at the following discussion to find out the steps!

1. Prepare the Presentation File to be Uploaded

The first step, please prepareapresentationfileto be uploaded on Slideplayer. Thefileformat supported on this site isppt format.

2. Register an Account or Login to Slideplayer

Unlike the download method earlier, to be able to upload or uploadfilesto Slideplayer, you need tolog inor register for an account first if you don’t have an account. The way to register is quite easy, you only need to fill in the data in the form of a full name,e-mailand also apassword.

3. Upload the Presentation File

Now, if you have logged in or registered an account, you can directly uploadthepresentationfilefrom your own profile page. Please click the green button that says‘Upload Presentation‘ in the right corner of the laptop or PC screen.

Next, anuploadbutton will appear as shown above. Please press the white button that says‘Upload Presentation’to uploadapresentationfile. Then select thefilesyou want to upload to the Slideplayer site.

Next, the Slideplayer site will convertthepresentationfilethat has been uploaded. You just have to wait for the process to finish.

Before downloading any file over internet, you should use a VPN to protect you from cyberattacks or malware. Here is how to use a vpn.

Steps to Use VPN on your Computer or Mobile

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  • Subscribe to a VPN likeExpressVPN which has much strong security features.
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  • Now open the website.

At this point, our discussion of how todownloadon Slideplayer. How, how easy is it, right? Now you don’t have to bother making your own presentation, because on this site there are more than 40 different presentation topics that you can download on this site.

If you have tips or other information about how todownloadon Slideplayer that we haven’t mentioned above, please submit them in the comments column provided below.

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