How To Download Videos From Mediaset Play

Do you want to know how to download videos from Mediaset Play? You are in the right place! After reading this guide you will be perfectly able to download the contents of Mediaset Play!

How to Download Videos from Mediaset Play
How to Download Videos from Mediaset Play

First of all, before knowinghow to download videos from Mediaset Play, itis good to see what the Mediaset service is used for and how it works. Put simply, thanks to Mediaset Play you will be able to recover your favorite programs, even in deferred mode.

For example, if you missed the last episode ofMen and Women, thanks to this service you can watch it even after it has been broadcast live. Obviously, it may make us want to watch this or that program that we missed even without an internet connection.

At the moment there is no “direct” possibility todownload videos from Mediaset Playbut there are alternative methods that guarantee you the function ofdownloading Mediaset Play videos from PCbut also from mobile.

This way you can also enjoy your Mediaset Play videos offline. Whether you decide to see them from your PC while on the train or from asmartphone, maybe while you are running long and grueling marathons on tapirulans in the gym.

An anticipation of all the possibilities

Before getting to the heart of the guide. I want to give you some small advances on what topics we will discuss, what device we could use and how many possibilities this guide will have to offer you.

In fact, you candownload videos fromMediaset Play thanks to:

  • Pastylink (download Mediaset Play video from PC)
  • Video Downloader professional (download Mediaset Play videos from Chrome)
  • Firefox Quantum (to download Mediaset Play videos from Firefox)
  • Total (download Mediaset Play videos from iOS)
  • Download videos (download Mediaset Play videos from Android)

In a nutshell in this guide you have the opportunity to see all the programs, TV series and movies on the Mediaset Play portal even without having to take advantage of an internet connection.

If during a train trip away you will see the TV series Rosy Abate, Men and Women, DC’S Legends Of Tomorrow orany other video in the Mediaset catalog,you can do it without having to use thecellular network. Thus avoiding even boring interruptions caused by tunnels or cell changes.

Now that we have made a necessary and important general smattering, I would say that we can move on to the core of this guide and dissect every secret and method to achieve our goal. If you follow our advice, you will be able to enjoy all the entertainment you want even without obligatoryuse of the streaming service offered by Mediaset.

How to download videos from Mediaset Play: let’s do it from PC with Pastylink!

The first method, as anticipated, is to take advantage ofan online service that is completely free. UsingPastylinkis really easy and immediate. Follow the tips I’m about to suggest and you will have the opportunity todownload from Mediaset Playin a few quick steps.

The first thing to do is obviously go to the pages of the Mediaset streaming service. Choose the video of your interest and open it. On a different page, also openPastyLinkvia the address I have given you amomentago.

Copy the URL address of the video of your interest and paste it into the bar on the online downloader page. If you have any doubts, you can take a look at the photo just above, I’m sure it will be able to remove all doubts.

Once you have pasted the link in the bar just mentioned, if you have done everything correctly, you will find yourself exactly as in the photo just above. Where there is a “circle with the Play symbol inside”.

Now you havetwo options. Don’t worry, I’ll explain how to use both, even if they are very simple, I think it’s better to go deeper!

Option one with Pastylink

Once you have followed the steps listed above you can use the right mouse button to press on the circle with the Play (or on the title of the video to be downloaded). Once done, the classic drop-down menu will open and by clicking on “save link as” you will have the opportunity to save your video in Mp4 format.

Of course you can also choose the destination folder of the file. By doing this you will have yourvideo downloaded from Mediaset Playalways available even offline.

Option two with Pastylink

If you miss a few steps, don’t worry! You will not have to do the whole process previously seen. In case of error, or if you simply open the movie instead of the download window, you can stilldownload the file safely.

As you can see from the photo there is the possibility that the movie you are trying to download opens in a small viewing window.

Press on the three vertical dots that are at the bottom right and you will find the word “download”. Exactly as you can see from the photo I posted just above.

Thedownload will start automaticallyand you can also enjoy your video in this case even when you do not have an internet connection.

How to download videos from Mediaset Play: let’s do it from PC with the Chrome Video Downloader professional extension

Another solution is todo everything through Google. Without external sites it is possible to achieve our goal equally!

If you decide that the best solution for you is to usea Chrome extensionto download your videos from Mediaset Play, follow these short and simple steps.

Add the ChromeVideo Downloader professionalextension . Once done, go to the video of your interest and press the arrow located at the top right, exactly next tothe URL address. If you have done all the steps correctly, the download of the video you have chosen will start.

Obviously, once again, once the file has been downloaded, it will be reproducible even offline.

How to download videos from Mediaset Play: let’s do it from PC with the Firefox Video DownloadHelper extension

If your favorite internet browser is not Chrome butFirefox,don’t worry, we have a solution in this case too! As always I invite you to follow step by step the tips and explanations you are about to read so that you can download videos from Mediaset Play without problems.

If you are familiar with the extensions, you know that they are all very simple to use and this is no exception. As in the previous paragraph, there are three basic steps to do. Add the extension, go to the video playback page of interest, press the extension icon to choose the video format and “weight”.

I don’t want to go too far into this explanation but, if needed,you can use the comment boxto ask for help or suggest some changes.

How to download videos from Mediaset Play: we use iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Of course, we may also be interested indownloading videos from Mediaset Play via iOS. To do this, there is an application that is really interesting!

Also in this case the steps are simple, fast and effective. Simply download theTotal filesapp . Once installed you will immediately notice that inside there is a real search engine. You can find it through the drawing of the “world” in the bottom right.

Once you open the browser of the app, paste the link of the movie you are interested in downloading. Press the “play” button and after a few seconds of playback the software itself will ask you if you are interested in downloading the movie. Give your consent and you’re done!

How to download videos from Mediaset Play: we use Android

If you have a device withAndroid operating systemyou will be interested to know that there isan app for downloading videos from Mediaset Play. The operation of this app is very similar to that of cousins ​​from the “bitten apple”.

In fact, once you download and installVideo Downloadyou will find yourself again in front of a search engine. You can choose to insert the link inside it or use the same to reach the video of your interest.

Once the video player has started, a red arrow pointing down will appear (bottom right). Press on it and choose the video file with the most generous size. Again it will be a breeze todownload videos from Mediaset Play.

See you next month!

These were our tips for downloading your favorite videos and watching them even without an internet connection.

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