How to Download Videos from Pastylink

PastyLink: download videos from Mediaset, Raiplay, MTV, La7, Sky and many others. Let’s find out how to download online and save on your devices video from Mediaset,, MTV, La7, Sky, Vimeo, tumblr, Youtube, dailymotion, twitch, kickstarter, ustream, cbsnews and other platforms, without having to download and install any type of software on your personal computer.

How to Download Videos from Pastylink
How to Download Videos from Pastylink

How to Download Videos from Pastylink

All this is possible thanks toPastylink, which is an intuitive website and really easy to use!

The videos, as previously mentioned, can be downloaded through the browser without the need to install programs and completely free of charge.

How do you download an online video

Let’s try to understand how to download and save video files step by step on your PC thanks to the Pastylink website.

First of all, let’s go to the page on which the video of our interest is located; at this point we copy the address of the page itself (CTRL plus C). On another navigation window we open the Pastylink page and paste our URL (CTRL + V). Once the procedure is finished, it will be possible to download the selected video.

Don’t you think it’s child’s play? In a few clicks you can download online multimedia content from the most famous web platforms. Think, for example, of Sky, La7, Youtube, Cbsnews, Tumblr, Vimeo and many others.

A valid alternative to Pastylink: DownloadHerper

If Pastylink is not active, it is possible to download videos online thanks toVideo DownloadHerper. It is an extension for the Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers, thanks to which it is possible to download any video file on the Net.

Below we provide you the links to download this extension:

firefox:Video DownloadHelper

chrome:Video DownloadHelper

Once the installation is complete, you have to “land” on the page where the video you are interested in is present; click on the play button and then on the extension icon, then click on the indicated video file.

At this point you will have understood how simple it is to download videos from the internet on your device!

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