How To Download Videos From RaiPlay

RaiPlay is a service offered by television that allows streaming on demand of all RAI channels where you want and when you want.

How to download videos from RaiPlay
How to download videos from RaiPlay

Download videos from RaiPlay

You can watch your favorite TV series, great early evening movies, cartoons, sports, culture, music,

all entertainment programs, all news and news from the Italian public service.

However, many would also like to download them so that they can be stored on their PC and viewed in offline mode.

There are two methods to download videos from RaiPlay:

First Method

Thefirstmethodis the simplest, just use thePastylinkonline service .

You mustretrievethe link from your browser’s address bar after starting your favorite video on RaiPlay.

Copythe link on the RaiPlay page and paste it into the Pastylink bar.

The service will automatically retrieve the video and you can download it in two MP4 video formats.

To download the video click onDownloadformat1orDownloadformat2and then click onSavelinkwiththe name.

Second Method

Thesecondmethodis a more complicated method, which requires the use of Chrome or Firefox browsers and itsVideoDownloadHelperandVLCextension .

Openthebrowserof your choice between Chrome or Firefox with the extension installed.

Go to the web page of the RaiPlay video you are interested in, as soon as the video starts, click on the Video DownloadHelper icon that you will find at the top right of your browser.

Selectfromtheavailablevideos theone that has a high duration, click on thePlay/Pausebutton .

Then click in the window that opens on copy address.

Finally open VLC, click on the menu at the top right, click on Open Network Flow.

Paste the address of the network stream you have just copied, change the bottom button Play by clicking on the down arrow in Convert.

Enter the video name of the video you downloaded, click on send and the file will be saved.

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