How To Extract IPTV Lists From Kodi [GUIDE]

How to extract IPTV lists? Today we will see how to get IPTV lists from the streaming that we display on Kodi, applications, web streaming and much more.

How to Extract IPTV lists from Kodi [GUIDE]
How to Extract IPTV lists from Kodi [GUIDE]

How to extract IPTV lists

ATTENTION:This guide requires a certain manual ability with the computer, it is not easy to use but I will try to explain all the steps step by step.



Depending on what we want to extract, we need, or not, a program that can extract IPTV lists or streaming links.

In the case of Kodi and applications

The first requirement for extracting lists is a sniffer, ie a program capable of displaying all the traffic that passes while we use a particular device. This will allow us to see the URL of the IPTV list or streaming video we are viewing.

Let’s see later in the guide which program to use and how to use it to extract IPTV lists.

In the case of a simple website

In some caseswe don’t need any programs, for example we talk about when we view the streaming of a movie / game and we want to go back to the source.

Just right-click on the web page and click view source, then scroll down to find the URL you are looking for. For example, on streaming movie sites that use openload you can find the openload link without having to view all the website spam, on sites that show streaming games you can go back to the main site that broadcasts or in a few cases even to the link m3u8 transmitted .

How to use sniffing programs

The program we take into consideration to extract IPTV lists is simple and just a little knowledge of the computer is enough to know how to use it.

Let’s talk aboutSmartSniff, download it fromthis linkand proceed with the installation. At the first start you will have to select the network card of your PC that you use to connect, if you choose wrong the program will not capture any packets / links.

After installing it, let’s see how to use these IPTV lists to extract.

The steps below refer to Kodi, but you can use it with any program.

First pass | Start streaming and sniffer

  1. Close any open programs and start SmartSniff
  2. Now click on the green arrow at the top left and then start Kodi
  3. After starting Kodi, open an add-on and play a TV channel for about 15 seconds, after these seconds close Kodi and block SmartSniff by clicking the red button next to the green arrow
  4. Now you have a lot of links and codes in front of you, let’s see how to use them

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Second passage | Analysis of extracted results

Scroll down until you find (see below where the blue words are) a link that ends in .ts, that is anIPTV list channel,that is the one you played for those 15 seconds on Kodi.

Third step | Channel .ts recomposition

After you find that IPTV string with the channels in .ts, we need to recompile the link.

Always taking into account the writing in the blue part, follow these steps.


Copy the part next to the writtenhost,for example “s ** tem01. ** nd **. Org: 8000” and then add the string that ends in .ts, it would be “/ live / **** SS90PO09 *** 76 / ** ** HlvY6 / 5.ts “.

Now bring them together and you will have a link like this “s ** tem01. ** nd **. Org: 8000 / live / **** SS90PO09 *** 76 / ** HlvY6 ** / 5.ts”

Fourth passage | Extract IPTV list

Now copy the link you have recomposed to the channel in .ts and open Telegram.

StartIPTV link bot, and send it the copied stringpreceded by“http: //”. It will reply to you with the information on the list, to download your IPTV list you just need to click on m3u + in the links that the bot has sent you.

As you can see, if the bot is able to read the list and communicate with the server it will reply with all the info plus the links below to download your IPTV list.

It can happen in some cases that the bot is not compatible with the IPTV server that you have found, in that case change the list in the addon or change apps so as to find more.

How to extract IPTV lists from Android apps

For Android applications the procedure is practically identical, but let’s see it in a summary.

  1. Download an Android emulator, such asBluestacks
  2. Download and install the apk file of the app you want to analyze
  3. Now start smartsniff and then the channel present in the application for about 10/15 seconds
  4. Close the app and stop smartsniff

Finished! Now re-run the procedures described above until you find the channel in .ts (if present, not all streams use IPTV lists) and then the IPTV list.

How to extract IPTV lists from Kodi and other streaming applications is not as complicated as it seems, but remember that using an IPTV list on smart TV, vlc or similar programs is likely to send it offline and then have it banned.

Why is the IPTV list banned if I use it outside of Kodi?

Because most IPTV lists are meant to be used by one person only, using it on Kodi this limit is “eliminated”, while on other programs it is immediately identified and blocked after a few hours.

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