How To Find And Use Amazon Discount Codes Every Day

Given the many questions received on our social networks (especially indirect on Instagram)about how they work and how they use Amazon discount codes (also called coupons), I decided to write a dedicated guide!

How to Find and Use Amazon Discount Codes Every Day
How to Find and Use Amazon Discount Codes Every Day

How to use Amazon discount codes

In this guide I will explain a little in general how coupons work and specifically how they are used.

How are they created?

Amazon discount codes cannot be created by users, but are provided by companies or those who manage their products on Amazon for them.

These codes are then communicated to us and we share them with you on our Telegram channel.

Beware of those who want to sell you discount codes or Amazon cards with pre-loaded money, they are scammers.

How are they used?

Here’s how to use them:

  1. Go to myTelegram channel @pallokand click join
  2. Find a coupon in the post of the day that interests you and copy it (just click on it from Android)
  3. Add the product to which the discount code refers in the cart on Amazon
  4. Before paying, paste the coupon in the field dedicated to the codes and click on insert to apply the discount
  5. Check that the discount has been applied and proceed to payment!

Practical example

Let’s see apractical exampleof how to use Amazon coupons:

  1. Here is an example of a post with a coupon
  2. Copy the code “GRAZIE1000” (from Android on Telegram just click on it to copy it) and click on the link below Amazon, then from Amazon add the product to your cart
  3. Paste the discount code before paying in the space provided and clickinsert
  4. Now you will see that the price has become the one indicated on the Telegram post, ie € 49.99 and then clickBuy Nowto complete the procedure.

Discount codes can be used by anyone and on any device, the important thing is to follow the procedure indicated above.

Possible problems with coupons

Let’s see the possible problems that can happen with Amazon coupons

  • The coupon from error and does not discount the product
    In this case then the discount code is exhausted. Consider that the discount codes have a limited duration for a maximum of uses or have a time duration.
    Try to write me anyway onInstagram (@therealpallok)and I will check the coupon.
  • The coupon has just been published and does not work.
    I’m probably wrong to type it, write to me in private (even on Telegram in the supportchat) and I’ll immediately correct the code!
  • The discount is not the same as in the post on Telegram.
    Some coupons after a certain amount of use decrease the discount, I advise you to use it immediately as soon as it is published on Telegram so as not to lose it.
    Or I simply failed to write the post, it can happen.

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If you have any questions about Amazon discount codes, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below the article.

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