How To Generate Complex And Secure Passwords

When you sign up for the services offered by websites, do you always use the same password on everyone? You could run into a big security problem but instead, you could create a secure password for each site you visit with great simplicity.

How to Generate Complex and Secure passwords
How to Generate Complex and Secure passwords

How to Generate Complex and Secure passwords

Using the same password on multiple sites, if it is found, you risk compromising all the sites where you used it. You would therefore put both your privacy and your wallet at risk (if you used easy passwords also for home banking or online shopping services).

Use the tips described in this guide to generate effective passwords. If you are afraid of forgetting your password and username, I will also show you the best services to keep your passwords safe.

Tips for creating a secure password

Before seeing how to create secure passwords with the use of some programs or services, it may be helpful to understand how to create a secure password, which is difficult for attackers to find.
Here are the best tips for creating a good password:

  • Use a different password for each site.
    Quite trivial, but still now many use a single password for multiple different sites, decreasing security on all sites where it is used.
  • Do not use birth dates, anniversaries, birthdays and special dates.
    If the attacker manages to retrieve some information about you, he can use it to trace the password you used with ease.
  • Create passwords long enough.
    Although they are not easy to remember, try to create passwords that have at least 12 characters of letters and numbers, making it difficult to recover them.
  • Create strong passwords.
    Use capital letters, small letters, at least numbers and special characters (such as &,%, £, @, etc.) when creating your password. This will make it extremely difficult to recover a password with dictionary attack hacking systems.

These are the basic tips for creating an effective password to be used to protect access to a website.

How to generate secure passwords with LastPass

If during registration to a service you want to create a password that meets the security criteria I have described but you don’t want to waste too much time thinking about it, you can use password generators.

For example, you can use the LastPass password manager program to generate secure passwords in seconds. First of all integrate LastPass into your web browser using the link below.

LINK |LastPass

Click on “Download LastPass Free”. Add the extension to your browser (Chrome, Firefox and Edge compatible). Then subscribe for free to the LastPass service.
You can create a single password, called “Master Password”, which will allow you to manage all the others. After installation, open the extension and click theGenerate Secure Password button.

A small window will open where you can immediately obtain a new password. You can also choose the number of characters to use (at least 12) and customize the password using theAdditional Optionsbutton . The password will be saved in the LastPass cloud space and will be available automatically (site permitting) the next time we access the service where you used the password created with LastPass.

LastPass allows you to create a strong password and can be used as a password manager to access passwords already stored even from mobile. Just install the app on your device using one of the links below.

DOWNLOAD |LastPass(Android)


How to create secure passwords with KeePass

Another method of creating a complex password is to use the open source KeePass program, available for download at the following link.


Once installed on the PC, open the program and create a password database in a safe place on the PC (preferably in a network resource). Then choose a “Master Password” to have a password that allows you to protect all the saved passwords. When creating a new password, clickTools> Generate password.

It will open a new window. Here you can customize your password, entering the number of characters, which components to add or remove and many other options to improve password security.

After customizing your password, click on the “Generate” tab to get a secure password to use for your online services.

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