How To Hide Google Meet Options From Gmail

Google Meet integrates from smartphones and web into Gmail. If you don’t like the tab or button, here’s how to remove it. Meet is another Google application that is very useful for offering the possibility of video calling yourself easily and for free.

How to Hide Google Meet Options From Gmail

Over the last few months there has been a real explosion in the use of these services and Google has enhanced Meet like no other app, and now it is gradually integrating it into all its services, so Meet has been integrated into Gmail.

How to Hide Google Meet Options From Gmail

Just to allow the use at the highest levels, a button, a tab, and a section has been inserted in all the GMail apps and web apps so that it can be recalled with a few taps or clicks. In fact, whether you have an Android or iOS app or from the web, the button to start a video call using Google Meetwill be clearly visible in Gmail.

A Meet section is available in the apps for mobile devices, which can be called up with a tap on the button at the bottom, while from the web at the bottom left you can start a meeting on Meet with a simple click on the button visible in the left sidebar.

But if you do not want to have the link or tab of Google Gmail Meet here’s how to remove it from any section as simply as possible from Android smartphone or tablet, smartphone or tablet or iOS iPadOS as well as a web app.

Remove Google Meet button from Gmail for Android and iOS / iPadOS

  • Open the Gmail side menu by clicking on the three dashes at the top left.
  • Open the app settings.
  • Select the account from where you want to remove the Google Meet card (an operation to be done on all configured accounts).
  • Go to the bottom where you will find the Meeting section.
  • Now you will need to uncheck Show the Meeting tab for video calls.
  • The Gmail page will automatically reload where the Google Meet section will no longer be present. Obviously, to put it back you have to reselect the previously removed item.

Remove Google Meet button from Gmail Web

It is possible to start a Meet from the GMail sidebar which is present just above the Chat section where we will have two options ” Start meeting ” and ” Join meeting ” where to enter the meeting code to enter. If you want to remove it from the options you have to:

  • Access Gmail settings by clicking on the gear icon.
  • Go to the Chat and Meet section
  • And uncheck the relative option to disable.

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