How To Increase The Memory Of USB Stick

Do you know when 128GB to 3 € sticks are found on Wish or other Chinese stores (DON’T BUY THEM!) That as soon as you insert a file even for just 4GB / 8GB they start giving problems?

How To Increase The Memory Of USB Stick

In reality, the key does not have the capacity described on the site or printed on the package, but is altered by software to make the PC read a certain capacity (usually 128GB or even 256GB).

In reality the USB stick will never support the GB described but it is only a “deception” and will always remain of the original capacity.

How to increase the memory of USB sticks?

Let’s see how to increase, even if not really, the memory of USB sticks via software.

My advice is to do it on devices that you use little as it could give problems in the future after this change.

With the software in this, SDATA Tool you can increase the memory up to 16GB depending on the model of the USB stick.

IMPORTANT: I ​​do not insert the download link to the SDATA Tool program as through some scans I have noticed the presence of Malware, but in case you want to try it I recommend you run it in SandBox.


First format your USB PenDrive via the default Windows tool in NTFS.

Then open the SDATA Tool program and you will have this screen in front of you:

From theChoose your data to compressoption you will have to select the letter of your unit, then from the menu in base one of the 3 words underCompress To:will become selectable, click on it and finally to increase the memory of the USB stick click onE-Compress NOW.

If your pen is 2GB you can double it to 4GB and repeat the operation up to 16GB.

However, I remind youthat the operation does not actually increase the memory but simply alters some values ​​on the pen in order to make the computer read a different capacity.

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