How To know If Someone Is Using Your Netflix Or Spotify Account

Good times are running for Netflix and Spotify. While the streaming video platform reached 12.5% ​​of Spanish homes last November, as announced by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) through its latest report on the In the audiovisual field, Spotify continues to gain users in record time and reaches operating profit for the first time in its 13-year history.

How to know if someone is using your Netflix or Spotify account
How to know if someone is using your Netflix or Spotify account

How to know if someone is using your Netflix or Spotify account

Two platforms, which sharestreamingcontent , that have completely changed the way we consume both music and television series. However, and despite the fact that more and more people are paying for these services, there are also a large number of people whotake advantage of third-party passwords to enjoy Netflix and Spotifycompletely free of charge.

How to know if someone has logged into your Netflix account

Have you ever encountered the notice that says there are too many people using your Netflix account?If you are one of those people who have been unable to use your account due to third parties, and you suspect that someone is taking advantage of your password, it is very easy to find out who is using thestreamingvideo platform .

To do thisyou will have to access the website or the Netflix application, open the options menu and go to ‘Account’ . Once there, look for the option ‘Recent device streaming activity’ and press to discover the different IPs that are requesting content from Netflix through your account.

If you think there is any suspicious behavior, you will just have to go back and select ‘Log out of all devices’. This way, you can expel third parties and prevent them from re-entering

How to know if someone has gotten into your Spotify account

Finding out if someone is using your Spotify account is even easier.To do this you will only have to access the ‘Recently listened to’ section, available in both the app and the desktop version, and check the latest songs that have been played from your account.

You can also discover it through your profile on the Spotify website. To do this you will only have to go to your personal profile and choose the option ‘Devices without connection‘ to see which devices have content downloaded from your account.

If you consider that there is suspicious activity,you just have to click on the optionRemove all devicesto eject themand they do not use the service again. Then change your password, log in again and try not to share the new one with third parties.

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