How To Make A Secret Door In Minecraft

Many players had to deal with such a problem when their homes were completely destroyed and looted by their leaders after they returned. This happens quite often, because on PVP servers such actions are not prohibited and every “dishonest player” player can freely take someone else’s property.

How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft
How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

How to Make a Secret Door in Minecraft

In this little guide, we will tell you how to open a secret door in Minecraft so that you can protect yourself from robberies.

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Before we figure out how to open a secret door in Minecraft, let’s learn the materials that will be needed for it. Required items:

  • Iron door;
  • Several thumbnails or a canvas 2 * 2;
  • Two pressure plates or plates;
  • Handle or button.

Before opening a secret door in Minecraft, you need to decide where there will be a secret passage behind which a small or large secret room will be hidden. Find a suitable wall and create a gap in it.

Then place the iron plate with the outside facing you. Place the pressure plates in front of and behind the inlet. Optionally, you can use a button or lever – this is familiar to every player using the system console.

Hide gateway

Now we have found how to open a secret door in Minecraft, let’s try to hide it. For this, we need pictures that need to be hung in a way that completely prevents the passage. It is very important to place such items on the wall, not on the door, and the closer it is to the opening, the better.

There is another trick to help you protect your property: it is better to create a door one block above floor level. Thus, it will have a thought that hides the passage, it will look much more natural and no one will look at the entrance.

Minecraft | How to make a secret door on the floor

To hide a hidden corridor or a room on the floor, you will need to create a piston door, and for this you need such items:

  • Sticky pistons – 6 pieces;
  • Red powder;
  • Tunnel 2 * 3 blocks;
  • Red repeaters – 4 pieces;
  • Material for walls.

Now you need to create the main structural element and connect the pistons to it. Next, connect the upper and lower lines and connect the chains of the right and left half under the floor. If desired, this design can be improved.

For example, it will be impossible to make an internal slider, come to your treasure from the outside world when it is opened. In this simple way you can always protect your wealth from thieves.

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