How To Make Your Own WhatsApp Link Easily

Creating a WhatsApp link to Whatsapp will help others make it easier to contact you. Other people just need to click on the link and then it will automatically open Whatsapp to the destination number.

How to Make Your Own WhatsApp Link Easily

In the following way, you can also apply it using any number. So you can chat other people without saving the Whatsapp owner’s cellphone number.

In addition, you can also add a message on the Whatsapp link, so when someone clicks on it, the message will automatically be typed in Whatsapp to the destination Whatsapp number.

In this article, we will share tutorials on how to create a WhatsApp link to the destination Whatsapp number and the message you want to send automatically.

As mentioned above, you can also use this trick to chat with anyone without storing their WhatsApp cellphone number. Simply knowing your cellphone number, you don’t need to save it to start chatting on Whatsapp.

Following below are three methods for creating a Whatsapp link, namely making a Whatsapp number link, making a Whatsapp link with a message and destination number, and finally making a WhatsApp chat link.

How to Make a WhatsApp Link

You can link your own WhatsApp number or anyone’s number with this method. For example, your Whsatsapp number is “081234567” and the Indonesian country telephone code is “62”. So, you have to change the number “0” at the beginning to “62” which results to “6281234567”

To create a WhatsApp link with the number above is which is the Whatsapp link to number 081234567.

Or you can also use a link like this, although it looks longer, this whatsapp link still works the same as the link above

How to Make a WhatsApp Link With a Destination Number and Message / Chat

The second method is how to create a Whatsapp link with numbers and messages. To be more easily understood, it is better exemplified directly. Suppose you want to send the message “Good Morning” to the number “081234567” Then the Whatsapp link will be like this Morning

The difference from the previous link above is the whatsapp link with only numbers is the addition of “& text =” behind. These additions are commands for messages to be sent.

While% 20 is a space in the form of a link. Keep in mind that “% 20” will appear as a space in the message you will send to the destination number.

The method for creating a WhatsApp link with the destination number and message or chat is very suitable if you have an online store so that buyers find it easier to contact your whatsapp number.

How to Make a WhatsApp Link With Message / Chat

You can also create a Whatsapp link by message only, without number. When you click or enter the link, WhatsApp will immediately ask who this message will be sent.

To do it is quite easy and not much different from the previous method. You can simply delete “phone = 628123456 &” on the link if you use the link in the second method. So, just whatsapp link with chat would be like this


So, after you have read the tutorial above now you certainly can create your own WhatsApp links. If you run a business and the internet is very important influence in the business you run, then you must include a Whatsapp link so that it looks more professional and people will be easier to contact.

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