How To Hide WhatsApp Images From Gallery

Hide WhatsApp Images: Have you ever opened a gallery on an Android smartphone some pictures and videos from Whatsapp. Sometimes indeed we will feel disturbed because there might be pictures and videos from WhatsApp that should not be displayed in the gallery because of privacy or other things.

How to Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery
How to Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery

WhatsApp itself is the most popular instant messaging application popular today. The presence of WhatsApp, makes it easy for us to communicate with others remotely.

People use WhatsApp to make phone calls, video calls, send messages, send pictures and videos and many other things. You can do many activities in just one application.

Whatsapp is very important to make it easy to interact with friends and family from anywhere. In addition to sending messages, one of the main features of WhatsApp is that we can share media files such as pictures and videos.

Reasons to Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery

You must have friends and family who often communicate through WhatsApp. And it is certain, besides communicating via text messages, surely we have also interacted with images and video media on WhatsApp.

Because of the many interactions on WhatsApp, maybe we ourselves don’t know the exact number of WhatsApp images and videos stored in the gallery at this time.

People usually send a picture on WhatsApp a funny picture, a meme picture, even personal pictures via WhatsApp. All images will automatically be saved in your smartphone gallery.

Not a few people also feel disturbed because of images that should not be in the gallery to display. Therefore, here will be discussed how to hide pictures and videos from WhatsApp on a smartphone so that not just anyone can see it.

How to Hide WhatsApp Images and Videos in Gallery

Hiding WhatsApp images and videos can be done from the smartphone gallery application by changing settings on WhatsApp.

We are free to change the picture and video settings you receive on WhatsApp. Following below is how to set WhatsApp storage to Hide WhatsApp images on the gallery.

Hide WhatsApp Images from 1 Chat

The way for this one can be used if you want to hide WhatsApp images from groups or one of the contacts on Whatsapp from the gallery. This method can hide pictures and videos from whatsapp groups/contacts that you have set so that they are not displayed in the gallery.

  1. Open WhatsApp and select the contact or group chat that you want to hide pictures and videos from the gallery.
  2. Click on the contact/group chat and then scroll down until you see the Media Visibility option.
  3. Then click on the Media Visibility option and change to No.

Now the pictures and videos sent from the chat you set earlier will not appear in the smartphone gallery. Images that have been recorded for a long time from chat are still visible in the gallery. But the picture sent after you set it like the way above won’t appear in the gallery.

But if you want to hide all whatsapp images and videos from the gallery. Follow the steps below.

How to Hide WhatsApp Images from Gallery (All Contacts and Groups)

After the above has been explained how to hide WhatsApp pictures and videos from certain contacts/groups from the gallery. Now if you want to hide all pictures shared on WhatsApp from all contacts and groups. WhatsApp actually already provides this feature, but if you still don’t know how, it will be explained below.

  1. First open the WhatsApp application then go to Settings.
  2. Click on the Chat menu.
  3. Then you will see the Media Visibility option. Uncheck the posts Show media in gallery.

This way you can hide all WhatsApp images so they don’t appear in the gallery again. But this method will only hide whatsapp photos and videos from the gallery after you’ve set it up.

Old pictures will still be visible unless you delete them from the gallery. Or maybe you want to keep old whatsapp images but don’t want to be seen in the gallery? Follow how to hide whatsapp images and videos from the gallery without deleting the following below.

How to Hide All WhatsApp Images from Gallery

This method will completely hide WhatsApp images and videos from the gallery. For the previous method above, can hide whatsapp images after you set them.

However, for this way you can hide whatsapp images and videos from the gallery like old images or images that will be sent in the future.

You need an ES File Manager application to hide whatsapp images and videos from the gallery. Because we need to rename a file to hide all whatsapp images.

  1. Download ES File Manager through the Google Play Store.
  2. Then open File Explorer ES. Then go to Internal Storage> WhatsApp.
  3. Open the Media folder> WhatsApp Images folder.
  4. Click on the 3 dot button on the top right and select New.
  5. Select File and name it “.nomedia” without the quotes and click Ok
  6. Next will appear a notification that the file has been successfully created, but the file will not be seen.

The file named.nomedia functions to hide the folder if the file is created inside a folder. When the smartphone Gallery application starts checking the WhatsApp Pictures folder, and there is a .nomedia file, the image will not appear in the gallery. That’s why the gallery won’t display Whatsapp images.

If you want to hide WhatsApp images and videos from the gallery, you just have to do the method mentioned above. If there are inappropriate images or images that other people don’t want to see, you can hide WhatsApp images from appearing in the gallery.

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