How To Number Pages In A PDF

Number Pages in a PDF: The PDF format is famous throughout the world of the Web thanks to its presence in every business or personal sphere. Just think of all the documents that are exchanged daily among millions of people.

How to Number Pages in a PDF
How to Number Pages in a PDF

How to Number Pages in a PDF

In some cases, the documents in PDF format may include more than one page, and in this case, it is good to number all the pages, in order to organize the entire file in an orderly way and avoid getting confused. This operation is very simple and using the right tools you will be able to number the pages of a PDF in a few minutes.

To number the pages of a PDF you can use software used for this purpose, or online tools.

Online tool

The use of online tools is advantageous in case you don’t want to install software on your computer.


Online2PDF is a totally free tool which, however, has limitations. In fact, the file to upload cannot exceed 100 MB. Its use is very simple:

  • Go on the site of Online2PDF
  • Click on Select files

You should always check that the PDF entry appears in the drop-down menu below. In this way, you will have selected the format in which your file will be converted.

  • Continue on Header / Footer to modify the various parameters to be modified before numbering the pages.

You will have free choice in changing the format, but remember that you will always have to use (x) to indicate the progressive number of pages, and (y) to indicate the total number of pages. Alternatively, you can conveniently use the predefined templates that the tool makes available. Once you have made all the necessary changes, all you have to do is click on Convert and your file will be immediately downloaded to your computer.


iLovePDF is another tool that offers a free plan with limitation, but also offers a monthly subscription plan of 6 euros. Just like in the case of Online2PDF, its use is just as simple :

  • Go to the iLovePDF page.
  • Click on Select PDF File and import the document.
  • Indicate where the page number should be positioned using the Position box.
  • Go to the Text drop-down menu and select the numbering format.

If you want to customize the language, click on Custom and modify the words as you wish: for example, you can replace the term Page with Page. Even in this, however, take care to keep the format of the progressive pages (n) and the total number of pages (p). After making the various changes, simply click on Add page numbers and wait for the operation to complete.

Software for numbering the pages of a PDF

On the market, there are many software for the numbering of the pages of a PDF, and you can choose them according to your personal needs.

Adobe Acrobat

Adobe Acrobat is one of the best PDF management software out there. It is available for both Windows and Mac but requires a paid license after a 7-day free trial to work.

  • Download Adobe Acrobat from the official page and start it
  • Import the file from your PC
  • Click on Tools and then on Edit PDF
  • Head to Header and Footer (located in the top toolbar)
  • Continue on Add
  • You can modify the various parameters of the numbering through the Font section
  • Then click on Page number and Date format
  • Set the style of the numbering using the wording Page number format
  • Through the boxes that appear in the center of the screen, you can choose the position of the page number
  • Press the Insert Page Number button after checking the box you like
  • Press OK and save the changes

PDFill PDF Free

PDFill PDF Free is another excellent page numbering software for a PDF. Unlike Adobe Acrobat, it offers a free version which, for page numbering, is more than good.

  • Download the software from the official page and run the installation wizard
  • Start the program and click on Add Header and Footer
  • Select the file to be imported and open it
  • Choose whether to place the numbering in the header or in the footer

At this point you will have to choose the text to be used in the numbering:

  • Text before Page Number: you can enter the word Page
  • Text after Page Number: write of (number), whereby number we mean the total number of pages

After selecting the position of the text via the Alignment menu, all you have to do is save and export the file.

These are, in our opinion, the best methods for numbering the pages of a PDF.

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