How To Open STL Files (Website List)

This post contains how to open STL files online for free with the help of several STL viewer sites. STL files are 3D files that store information about 3D models.

How To Open STL Files
How To Open STL Files

If you need a free website that can open and view STL files without registering or other problems, the sites that will be mentioned below are worth a try.

The STL viewer website has several other good options such as changing the color of STL file objects, calculating the number of triangles, changing the display mode or orientation to the bottom view, top view, left, etc., allowing automatic rotation and more.

How To Open STL Files

The name is also online and it’s free, so you don’t need to install any application or software to view STL file contents. So, just follow the free website that can open and view STL files:

1. Viewstl

The Viewstl site is a pretty good option for viewing STL files online. It also provides information about the input file. You can see STL file sizes in inches or mm, check file units, and number of triangles.

The feature to change the color of STL files is also on this site. File orientation can also be changed to right, down, up, left, etc.

There is also a unique feature that helps you play STL files automatically. You can also show / hide edges. So, the features are very good. You can try this website to view STL files.

2. ShareCAD

ShareCAD is another good website and a major competitor to other online STL viewer sites. Input options are also very useful. You can:

  • Use the zoom option.
  • Show / hide 3D orbit.
  • Change the display mode of the STL file to the left view, bottom view, start screen, SW Isometric, NE Isometric, NW Isometric, etc.

Options for using 2D wireframe, 3D subtle shadows, 3D flat shadows, etc., are also on this site, but I don’t see any changes to the STL file after using it. So, maybe this option doesn’t work for STL files but other file formats.

This website supports many other file formats which are its advantages over other websites. You can open TIFF, EMF, SVG, PDF, TGA, STEP, IGS, CAL, DWG, DWF, PLT, IGES, and other files.

3. 3dviewer

3dviewer is also a good website for viewing STL files. Some important information is also provided by this website which makes it more useful.

You can see the number of triangles, number of vertices, amount of material, highlight mesh, copy mesh names to the clipboard, check opacity level, etc.

It also has buttons or options for viewing STL files from different sides or angles. You can view STL files from the top, bottom, side, front, etc.

The 3Dviewer website can also open OBJ, 3DS, and OFF files. Its features are good and hence this website is definitely useful.

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