How To Recover Lost Data From A USB Stick

USB Stick: You have erased data from your USB drive by accident ? Do not panic. The data erased in a USB key do not necessarily go through the trash, but it is possible to recover your files, images, documents, videos, etc. We explain how in the lines that follow.

How to Recover Lost Data from a USB Stick
How to Recover Lost Data from a USB Stick

Whatever the cause of the data loss

To recover data on a USB key , we will use EaseUS Data Recovery. As the name suggests, this software allows to recover lost data and that whatever the cause of the loss:

  • Accidentally deleted files,
  • Formatting the USB key,
  • Emptied basket,
  • Lost score,
  • USB stick damaged,
  • USB stick infected by a virus ,

Introducing EaseUS Data Recovery

EaseUS Data Recovery is a free hard disk recovery software . It can easily recover data on PC, laptop, hard drive, SSD, USB, memory card, digital camera whatever the cause of the loss.

Its free version (EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free) can recover up to 2GB of data and an unlimited amount of data recoverable with EaseUS Data Recovery Pro.

There is also EaseUS Data Recovery Pro + WinPE which allows data recovery even when the operating system does not start or remains blocked.

Download EaseUS Data Recovery

Click the button below to start downloading the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free for Windows PC.


Note: Do not install the software on the drive where you want to recover data.

How to Recover Data from a USB Stick in 3 Steps

Step 1 : Select the location to scan.

Here we select the disk to scan. In my case, it is the reader F.

Step 2 : Start the scan.

Now we start the scan and we wait to see the results. The scan will take several minutes or hours if there is more data to recover.

In my case, EaseUS Data Recovery found all my lost data in less than 20 minutes.

Step 3 : Recover the lost data.

All that remains is to select the data we want to restore and then click Recover. We will specify a new location for recovering files and validate the operation.

It is done. We just retrieved the data from a USB drive after formatting it and emptying the recycle bin.


We can conclude this article by saying that EaseUS Data Recovery can recover your lost data on a USB key. Surprisingly, we could also recover very old data after formatting the USB key twice in a row.

Remember that EaseUS Data Recovery Free recovers only 2 GB of data per scan. To recover an unlimited amount, go to EaseUS Data Recovery Pro.

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