How To Register And Use LinkAja

Register and Use LinkAja: LinkAja is an electronic money service or e-money issued by Telkomsel company. At the beginning of this e-money service expenditure, Telkomsel used Tcash as the name of the digital service that was issued. As from February 2019, Tcash changed to LinkAja.

How to Register and Use LinkAja
How to Register and Use LinkAja

By using LinkAja you can use it for online purchases, payment of credit card bills, Cable TV, PDAM, Insurance, etc.

You need to know that LinkAja is still the same as Tcash. With LinkAja, you can shop using LinkAja balances at many outlets that have worked with Telkomsel. Outlets that have worked together with Telkomsel are marked with NFC stickers (TCASH TAP).

NFC, which stands for Near Field Communication Technology on the basis of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). NFC technology is now very widely used in many services, such as train card payments, e-tolls, and many others.

With this technology, you no longer need to slip the card at the time of the transaction. To use the LinkAja service you must register and know how to use it. Follow how to register and use LinkAja which we will discuss.

How to Register and Use LinkAja

For those of you who are just about to use the LinkAja application, you can download this application in Playstore (Android) or App Store (iOS). You can register using the LinkAja Application or you can also use the USSD code provided by Telkomsel.

If you are new to the LinkAja application, then see how to register and use the LinkAja application below.

Register using the Application

  • Open the LinkAja application that you have downloaded.
  • Press-Register / Sign Up to register
  • Fill in the cellphone number to be registered and make a secret pin as a password.
  • After finishing, you can immediately use the LinkAja account that has been registered

Register Using the USSD Code

In addition to the application, you can also register by accessing the USSD code.

  • Press * 800 * 88 * 6 PIN # in the call menu (fill the pin to your liking).
  • Then you will enter the registration menu, press 1 to continue.
  • Done.

Remember carefully the pin you entered, because it will be the password to enter your account.

But to use it you must have enough balance to transact with LinkAja. You must top up your balance to be able to use LinkAja as a non-cash payment tool.

LinkAja Top-Up Balance

One of the advantages that you can find in this application is the convenience to top up your balance. You can Top Up your balance anywhere. Top Up LinkAja balance can be done by visiting the GraPARI way, Bank Transfer, Virtual Account, or the nearest Minimarket.

Top Up Link Only Through Bank Transfer

If you use the bank transfer option, you can use ATM, Mobile Banking or Internet Banking. Here are the steps:

Top Up with Mobile Banking

  • Enter your mobile banking application.
  • Select the Transfer menu to another bank account.
  • Then select the linkAja transfer destination with bank code 911
  • then enter the cellphone number registered at LinkAja as the destination account.
  • Enter the balance you wish to transfer.
  • Complete the transfer process according to instructions.

Top Up Link Only Through ATM

  • Insert the ATM card and enter your ATM PIN.
  • Select the Balance Transfer to bank account menu.
  • Then enter the bank code for LinkAja: 911.
  • The account number of information to be addressed is the telephone number registered at LinkAja (ex. 081234567xxx).
  • Then enter the amount of money that will be TopUp
  • Finally, follow the instructions to complete the transaction.

Top Up at the Minimarket

If you want to top up your balance at the Minimarket, all you have to do is make a token first. Create a token with * 800 * 3 # access then enter your pin.

After that, you will receive an SMS in the form of a pin to TopUp LinkAja balance. Show the pin that you received to the cashier, then the cashier will process your account balance TopUp. All proof of your transaction will be sent via SMS.

Top Up Through GraPARI

An alternative way to fill your LinkAja balance can be done by visiting the nearest GraPARI. You simply convey your requirements for TopUp LinkAja to the service. Next, you will be asked for your Telkomsel number and nominal amount to be topped up.

The process of TopUp on GraPARI is also very short, you only need 5-10 minutes for TopUp. Then you can use the LinkAja application for all your payment needs. Whether it’s payments at various outlets that work with Telkomsel or monthly bill payments.

In addition, you can also withdraw LinkAja balance by visiting GraPARI or Minimarket which has cooperated with Telkomsel. With advances in technology, e-money can replace payments by non-cash wherever and whenever. LinkAja can also be one of your choices as a payment application that is currently available.

Hopefully, with this article, it can add to your insight about the new LinkAja application you are using.

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