How To Remove A Password From A RAR File Without Software

How to remove a password from a RAR file without software: Nowadays, most files on the Internet are in RAR or zip format. Yes, it is easy to transfer RAR files very easily because they contain large files in a small space.

How to Remove a Password from a RAR file without software
How to Remove a Password from a RAR file without software

So we have all downloaded RAR files. But the fact that the file is encrypted with a password is very painful. Sometimes we get RAR files that are locked with a password.

In such conditions, we can not access the files it contains. There is software available for this. But it is also very difficult to unlock the encrypted RAR file with a tool.

So we’re going to share two amazing methods to remove the password from the RAR file without software. By using these methods, you can unlock any RAR file quickly.

2 methods to remove a password from a RAR file

1. Method:

Using this method, you can remove the password from an online RAR file . In addition, the file will be converted to zip at the same time.

When converting the RAR file to ZIP format, Online Zip Converter also unlocks the file. So you can use this method quickly. Let us check the steps to remove the password from the RAR file online:

  • First, open Online Zip Converter.
  • Click Choose File.
  • Then select the RAR file with the password you want to delete.
  • Then simply click the Convert File button.
  • The file will first be downloaded to the server. It will then be converted to a zip file
  • This will also remove the password from the file.
  • Completed! You can now download this file directly and open it without the password. It is in .zip format and you do not have to enter the password to access it.

This is the easiest and fastest way to remove the password from any RAR file and convert it to a zip file. It will only take two minutes and you will have the file decrypted. You do not need software too. The online Zip converter will do all the work.

If you do not want to use any site to decrypt the RAR file, we also have the second method. You can also use the second method to decrypt RAR files.

2. Method:

The following is the second way to remove the password from the RAR file. It also works without software. You can do this using the notebook that is already installed in all computers.

So, there is no additional requirement. Just follow all the steps below and you will have your file without the password.

  • First, open the password protected RAR file with notepad in your computer.
  • Then look for the following keywords in the second line:
    Ûtà ??

After finding, replace them as follows:

  • Replace Ûtà ?? with 5³t?
  • Replace ‘IžC0 with ?? IžC0
  • Just save this file.

Now open the file saved with RAR. You will see that he is not asking for a password now.

Completed! This is the second method you can use to remove the password from any protected RAR file. It is also one of the easiest working methods. It only takes a few minutes of work. With this method, you can quickly open any RAR file, whether password-protected or not.


Now you can easily decrypt any password-protected RAR file without using any software. You can use one of the two methods shared above. There are many other methods for decrypting RAR files. But I found the simplest and most effective ways.

In addition, there are many software programs for this purpose. But downloading and using third-party software takes a lot of time.

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