Google Home: How To Reset It To Factory Settings

You’re having a problem with your Google Home or Google Home Mini and want to reset it back to the factory settings. Because the connected speaker is not immune to bugs as we can often find on smartphones. In this tutorial, we will see how to get everything flat.

Google Home: How To Reset It To Factory Settings

YourGoogle Home isno longer paired with your smartphone or you find it difficult to do so. You encounter connectivity problems, the commands are executed with latency, the loudspeaker no longer responds as at the start.

Or you have decided to sell the speaker after a few months of use. Knowing that the Google Home is now rubbing against Apple’s Home Pods other Amazon Echo . In any of these circumstances, it may be necessary toreset the enclosure to the factory condition.

Google Home, Google Home mini: how to restore to factory Settings

When you run into a problem with your Google Home and several simple restarts don’t seem to fix it, try aresetby doing the following:

    • Press and hold the only physical button on the speaker, the one provided to activate or deactivate the microphone.
    • Keep it pressed for about five seconds. The voice of the assistant will tell you that you are about to reset Google Home.
    • Always keep the button pressed after the voice notification to perform the reset or immediately release it to cancel the operation.
    • On the top of the enclosure, the LED indicators will light up successively by making a swirl in the direction of the hand of a watch. The Google Home will reset and restart.

How to reset Google Home Mini

The Google Home Mini reset process is just as simple. Here, too, you just have to press a button for a long time. The only difference is that it is not as visible as on the largest speaker.

    • Turn the Google Home Mini over to have the rubber support surface in front of you.
    • Identify the small clickable button located just below, in the same alignment as the USB power port.
    • Hold the button down for a few seconds until the Google Home Mini resets. The wizard will first notify you that you are about to reset the device.

Once your Google Home or Google Home Mini has been restored to factory settings, it will have to be set up again as when it was first used if you intend to use it again after its reset.

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