How To Take A Screen Shot On Apple Watch?

It is easy to take a screens hots on phones, so is it possible to take screenshots on smart watches, which is a product of technology that is in every area of ​​our lives? Apple’s smart watch Apple Watch Screenshot how to do it, we will explain it later.

How to Take a Screen Shot on Apple Watch?
How to Take a Screen Shot on Apple Watch?

To take Apple Watch screenshot, you need to make a few settings first. You can use these operations in Apple Watch 1,2,3,4 and 5. So getting Apple Watch screenshot is easy for all models.

How to Turn on Apple Watch Screenshot Setting

Taking screenshots with WatchOS 3 is off by default. Therefore, if you want to capture your Apple Watch screen, you need to enable screenshots first.

The steps you will take for this are:

# 1  Launch the Watch app on youriPhone .

# 2  Tap the My Watch tab.

# 3 Thentap General .

# 4 Scroll down the page andopen it by clicking Enable Screenshots.

How to Take a Screen Shot on Apple Watch?

After making the setting we gave above, you will be able to get Apple Watch Screenshot with a few small processes.

The steps you will take for this are:

# 1 Open the watch face, notification or app where you want to take a screenshot and go to where you want to take a screenshot.

# 2 Press Digital Crown and the side button at the same time with two fingers.

# 3 The screen will flash white, you will hear the camera shutter sound. This indicates that your transaction was successful.

# 4 To find the page where you took the screenshot, go to the Photos app on your iPhone, tap the Albums tab, and then tap Screenshots.

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